Time to cozy up, stay indoors and enjoy a hot bath, with Apple Cider Vinegar. Light a beeswax, soy or coconut candle, select your favourite essential oil if desired and relax in a soothing bath of nature’s fermented apples.

The mother in the vinegar is essential. which means an organic, unrefined, available at most food stores. The ‘mother’ in the vinegar is what makes it murky or cloudy.  This is the culture of beneficial bacteria that turns apple cider into vinegar in the first place. It is this unrefined version that makes a beautiful hair rinse to condition and shine. This mineral and vitamin rich rinse helps to restore the scalp’s and skin’s PH balance.  While it is healthy for the skin to be slightly acidic to protect against external influences, like pollutants, bacteria and allergens, the skin should be balanced with a PH of around 4-5.  To keep it balanced, acv can be used once or twice a week.  Not daily, as the effects would be drying.  The clear, pasteurized vinegars do not have the same beneficial properties as the vinegar with the ‘mother’. Even though vinegar is acidic, apple cider vinegar is one that has an alkalizing effect. We make a wonderful blend of organic apple cider vinegar, parsley, rosemary and sage (a perfect song for the shower) called Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.  Unbelievably healthy on the hair and scalp.  Clears and cleanses the face as well. 

Apple cider vinegar helps with….

Stinky feet

Smelly, stinky, fungy feet!  Do you hide them with socks? Wear hot shoes instead of cool sandals? The alternative? Try a foot friendly soak in apple cider vinegar. It helps reduce odour, sweat, and even warts and athlete’s foot!  For the later, an additional rub of neem salve works miracles.

Body odour

Body order plaques some more than others, but at one time or another we have all suffered from unwanted odour causing bacteria. Acv works.  Bathe or spritz. Acv is a known disinfectant and can help with infections. Bathe or spritz*

Sore muscles

No matter our age, we can all suffer from one time or another with stiff joints, sore muscles, creeks and groans.  An acv soak is not a new solution to this age- old problem. Won’t hurt to try it.  If BTW you do not have a bath tub you can always do hand and foot soaks.  Poultices can also be soothing. 


If you head south this winter, make sure acv is available. After a day at the beach, golf course or sunbathing, an acv bath is a great soother. Spritz* if the bath is not an option.

*Make your own Spritzer: In a spritz bottle add the mothered apple cider vinegar to water
(ratio 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 ) Shower, spritz all over allowing the skin to savour the nutrients for a few minutes.  

ACV vinegar baths have been around for centuries.  Enjoy and relish the results. A nice treat afterwards: Sheamu Butter, Shargan Butter, Spoil Me Body Oil or Moisturizing Lotion








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