60 ml


* A calming massage oil for all over baby
* No chemical preservation.  All good nutrition for the baby
* Simple, gentle, nourishing, 100% pure natural and organic oils
* Cleans, purifies, moisturizes
* Part of our Organic Baby Package

How to use:

* Spray oil onto palms and gently massage onto baby’s skin


* Massaging can be an art.  There is great advice on the Internet, photos/ videos to help your baby get the most out of your massage.   But no worries, expertise aside, they love all gentle touches.

Storage and travel:

*Use up within a few months or store in fridge. If stored in the fridge, warm to room temperature before using.  

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All ingredients for this product

  • Sunflower Oil,
  • Jojoba oil,
  • Evening Primrose Oil,
  • Vitamin E

Sunflower Oil (helianthus annuus) (organic) makes a wonderful massage oil, and is high in Vitamins A, B, D, E. it also contains minerals and has beneficial amounts of lecithin, oleic (omega 9) and linoleic (omega 6). It is easily absorbed into the skin, all the while softening and moisturizing. 

Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis) (organic) Excellent moisturizing and emulsifying properties. Jojoba is rich in Vitamin E, contains proteins and mineral. It helps alleviate the dryness,  thus making it an excellent addition in the oil.

Evening Primrose (onenothera biennis) is rich in the fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) helping to nourish the skin and soothe many skin conditions. 

 Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) This full spectrum tocopheral is a natural preservative that helps sustain shelf life of products. It plays a crucial role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage.


Jill from


I love the Earth To Body organic baby oil for my children's skin. I have a 9 year old daughter and an almost 7 year old son and I have been using this product on them since they were born. Not only does it moisturize their skin effectively, I use it to clean off sticky messes where water would only dry out their skin. When my son is suffering from an eczema flare-up, the baby oil is the only thing I trust to keep his skin hydrated.  

Our baby products are great for children, too.  Thanks for sharing, Jill


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