Exfoliating and cleansing with a felted wool soap is an exhilarating experience.  There are other various body brushing techniques offered on the market and many are excellent at exfoliating, increasing circulation, detoxifying.  Some suggest dry brushing before the shower, others during the cleanse, like ours.  Our felted soaps clean, and exfoliate and massage all in one.

Choosing natural products is preferable over the plastic bristles or synthetics.  Alpaca and Merino are the world’s best wools. Our soaps are gentle, pure and real (not detergent) 

Merino is felted on our Castile Coral Key Lime Soap

The soap: Distilled water and saponified oils comprised of organic olive (olea europaea), coconut (cocos nuciferia), Key Lime ( Citrus aurantifolia).

Alpaca is felted on our Castile Moringa Soap

The soap: Distilled water and saponified oils comprised of organic olive (olea europaea), coconut (cocos nuciferia), moringa powder (Oleifera Seed). No essential oils added.

Merino comes from the Merino sheep and Alpaca comes from the Alpaca. Alpaca may be slightly softer, while Merino may perhaps be slightly sturdier, but their properties are very similar. Both are renowned for their exquisite features, and are considered among the best wools in the world.

Merino and Alpaca wool felts

* Lightweight, fine, soft as cashmere
* Strong and elastic
* Anti-bacterial and odour resistant properties
* Neither should feel itchy on the skin
* Mildew resistant
* Environmentally sustainable
* No Dyes

Wool colours include creamy white, heather, light and dark silver. 

Felt Soap Uses:

* A soap and washcloth in one
* A gentle exfoliant and scrub for your skin
* Natural anti-microbial properties from the wool

Our felted soaps are not slippery. They are easy to hold in the bath or shower. The longevity of the soap is two to three times greater with the wool felting, although the soap may feel slightly soft when wet due to the fact that there are NO chemical hardeners in the soap. Place in air circulated soap dish after use.  See our combo special below.

And when the last soap bubble disappears, the felt...

* makes a perfect cleaning pad for the bathroom (especially in the sink after brushing your teeth with our earth blend Tooth Cleanser)
* can be used as a drawer freshener. Just add your favourite essential oil to the inside felt pocket.
* is compostable if you wish to dispose of it back to nature.

The felted soap makes a wonderful and unique gift. 

Until December 25th, we are offering a combo of a felted soap and our soapstone soap dish at a savings of 12%.   (while supplies last).  Shop online or come visit us in the shop!