Murky, misty, muddy, mysterious.  Have you ever wondered what floats around at the bottom of an apple cider vinegar bottle? This murkiness lurking is called the ‘mother’.  Not all vinegars are created equal and therefore not all have this mother. Instead of educating us as to its attributes, some manufacturers have removed it, making the vinegar clear and attractive. They claim it removes any ‘fears’ that the product had ‘gone bad.’ We live in a world where expecting perfection is the norm, but nature is never ‘perfect.’ The mother proves that. The vinegar should not be perfectly clear. It should be murky.

This cloudiness shouldbe a most pleasant sight to behold and shouldbe regarded with great respect. Seeing this cloudy substance reveals that the vinegar is in its raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unrefined state.This is a good thing. This ‘Mother’ protects and nourishes.

Yet, controversy reigns about its uses medicinally. There does not seem to be much documented medical evidence on the so-called benefits of digesting raw apple cider vinegar, or for cleansing the skin. Claims include better digestion, lowering cholesterol.  But in the few studies that have been done, not much has resulted.  More research is needed before doctors are even allowed to recommend it to their patients. Once again, we are left to decide for ourselves. Should I drink it, bathe in it, spritz with it? 

I had a customer, a very open minded doctor I discovered, who would suggest acv cleansing baths if the patient was willing. After exhausting all other options she would mention that an acv bath could do no harm, as it cleansed and could detoxify. 

History claims accolades on raw vinegars. I like this ‘time trusted research. 

On the hair

If you want shiny and healthy hair and scalp, rinse once or twice times a week with raw acv, diluted with water (1:3 OR 1:4 water to acv). This conditions the hair, defrizzes, detangles, accentuates the curls, reduces split ends. Massage in for a minute or two, then rinse out. It can be left in for a few hours or even overnight, particularly if you wish to treat a dry and flaky scalp.

On the skin

ACV may help with fine lines, pimples, scars, age spots, rashes, sunburns, insect bites. Raw organic apple cider vinegar, diluted, can perform wonders on the skin. Made of mild acetic acid and rich in probiotics, this substance is wondrous on the skin. It DOES restore the skin’s normal PH level. This means the moisture stays in and irritant bacteria stays out.

Whenever I treat my hair with our Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, I do my face as well. I know I am giving my skin a gourmet meal, keeping it fresh and clean. I had a customer who had purchased our skin management program. Grinning happily, she flew through our booth one day,  “I love your products, and BTW, your hair rinse helped big time with my acne.“

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, with parsley, rosemary and sage is our own recipe, but the idea is based on history. We made it years ago and it has proven to be a marvel. Try ours or DIY. But do consider organic, raw apple cider vinegar a friend.