Imagine living here in Canada hundreds of years ago.

Imagine being able to call over to New Zealand for their Manuka Oil or Africa for their Shea Butter. Imagine being able to contact India and ask for Neem, or order Emu Oil from Australia and have it here in four days?

Imagine the magic you could have created for your skin?

Today you can.  We do.  Earth to Body’s skin care is ‘multicultural magic’.

Both here and abroad, nature provides us with an enormous selection of natural ingredients to enhance our recipes and promote good skin care. From Canada we select Saskatchewan’s Manitou salts, British Columbia’s Glacial Marine Clay, Eastern Canada’s Back Spruce essential oil. An Ontario farm provides us with an unrefined, ecologically grown apple cider vinegar for our hair rinse.

But the magic spreads worldwide. We import eco-certified Argan Oil (Fair Trade) from Morocco, free range certified unrefined Emu Oil from Australia, the miraculous Neem Oil native to India. Imagine a cream made from scratch (we do not buy pre-made bases) with a treasure form the South Pacific, Polynesian Tamanu oil blended with Japan’s Camellia and Nepal’s Palmorosa. 

It was worth waiting an entire year for a friend of the family to venture to a co-op in Burkina Faso (near Ghana, Africa) to harvest Shea Butter.  We can now provide you with the best, unrefined, organically grown, Fair Trade Shea we have ever seen. Now imagine a unique blend of this African Shea with Moroccan Argan? The best of two worlds.

You will discover Chia seeds from Peru as a delightful protein exfoliant in our Manitouka Scrub and New Zealand Manuka Oil, one of the best antibacterial oils in the world. Your skin will relish in essential minerals from Israel’s Dead Sea Salt and Rock Crystal Salt from the Himalayans.

Our recipes are unique. Our skin care products are home made in small batches, chemical free, and thus best bought fresh and kept cool. If you live nearby, visit our shop and witness the ‘behind the scene’ production.

We travel across Canada, bringing our products fresh to market.  We meet Canadians born and breed here, visitors from far and wide and newly arrived immigrants, excited to be a part of Canada. We see the smiles on your faces when you read our labels and recognize a little touch of home, wherever that may be.  A familiar welcome.  A worldwide embrace.  A multicultural hug.



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