I guess you can say I’m hard headed, or maybe stubborn. Or perhaps this day after being at the Calgary Stampede day in day out I was just tired. Either way, in this particular case, I was just adamant that my point was going to get across no matter what. Hundreds of thousands of people come through this world-renowned exhibition. You must have thick skin to do what I do, and at this show even thicker! It was probably day 6 or 7 of the 11 day stretch. I was alone in the booth, morning shift. Just opened up and was having a nice cup of joe. 

I look up to see an older gentlemen walk into my booth, half in half out, look at my X Cream and announce aloud, “Well, this won’t work’. I was offended and a little hurt by this, but what does he know of my family business?  Nothing, plus it’s morning and I’m not exactly Miss Sunshine so I respond curtly,  “How would you know it won’t work if you don’t even give me a chance to explain my family business?  We make it all ourselves, all by hand, from scratch.  Canadian made. Full refund policy. By now, his two friends are halfway to the next booth so I’m expecting him to walk away.

He replies "Guarantee eh? I live in Ontario Soooooo….."

My response,  “ I’m from Montreal.  Sooooooo."

He looks up at me, “Really?’

I explain my whole family business, quickly, as I can tell he’s not patient. I explain my guarantee with my contact.  He has a brochure in his hand already.  He finally asks, “ How does the cream work because I’ve tried everything!!!”  I know by his rude tone he wants out.

I reply, “For you, I don’t suggest the cream as you have have it in your head it will not work on on our dry, itchy scalp.  ESP shampoo is the way to go.  It’s half the price of the cream.  It’s all you need in one bar and you’ll love it!  Guaranteed!!!" I manage a smile. You have to understand this all went down within 5 minutes and at one point we were almost arguing because he is obviously frustrated with his psoriasis in his scalp and I’m adamant about helping him. In the end, after our back and forth, he bought the ESP.  He promised me he would call. He promised if it didn’t help I would refund him. I made sure he would call me. This whole scenario may have been brief, but this man and his stubbornness stuck with me.  For months I waited for him. I thought about this man regularly, wondering why he broke his promise. I need the feedback, good or bad.

Months went by. At least four or five. One day the phone rings and thankfully I answer this call.  Who is it? My Stampede man. I knew it was him right away and I scold, “I’ve been waiting for you, what took you so long?” He says,  “I’m a busy guy and your bar lasts a while and I love it!!!  It works!  You were right.  It’s all I need.  I have no itching, no more scabs and I use it everywhere.  It has lasted me a long time and I want more. I also want that Hair Rinse you mentioned!"

Customer for life. I was so relieved when I got off the phone and felt a real sense of accomplishment. One stubborn man through thousands and thousands of people. One story that made the entire 10 day-14 hours shifts worth it. Even though I have had many stampede customers, sometimes some people really stick with you. This guy did just that.

By: Heidi Shannon


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