natural skin care products made with honey

It is our pleasure to honour Heavenly Honey, one of our many vendor friends who join the craft show circuit with us. For the past several years we have been purchasing Bill’s natural, unrefined beeswax to make creams and balms.

We absolutely love the naturalness and are impressed with the quality and nourishment that it provides in our recipes.  We use Heavenly Honey beeswax in the following Earth to Body products.

Anti-Odour Bergamot
Anti-Odour Lemongrass
X Cream
Neem Salve
Emu Lip Balm
Argan Lip Balm
Zinc Oxide
Argan Neem Foot Cream
Baby Neem Salve

Recently we incorporated  Heavenly Honey’s  ‘Lemon Honey’ into our tooth cleanser.    

Both honey and lemon are renowned for their nourishing properties and are not only delicious to eat but should also be an integral part of one’s cosmetic regime.

Adding some honey to a clay mask will enhance the detoxing and nourishing properties of the facial or poultice.

Heavenly Honey makes sure its product lives up to its name!  They sell many different flavors of ‘Gourmet honey’ Beeswax Candles,  ‘Gifts from the Hives'.



Enjoy the sweet pleasure.


I use the zinc cream as a sun protection, summer and winter, rain or shine. My sensitivity to sun is extreme; just a little patch of sun, and I flare up all over, swell, turn red, and the effect takes two weeks to cool down. With the zinc cream, I am fine, and mid-day my skin looks fabulous (a side effect).
I am an esthetician, and I sell products in my studio, including the zinc. My problem with it is that it is in a tube, so that about a third of the way into it, the tube needs to be cut to get any out. Even when I stand it upside down (opposite to your printing on the label) this happens, which doesn't make it a very nice product for my customers to take home. My point is, do you think you could begin packaging it in a jar? I would appreciate it, not for my sake, but for my client's sake.
Your comments please.

Warming the tube under warm water can help to loosen the zinc. However, we hear you.

We do have the zinc in a jar now.  It is available online (just ask for it in the comment section for now).

Some people prefer the tube because they take it to the beach , but we agree with you that it can be difficult to get out towards the end.  PErsonally, I prefer the new tub container, but we will continue to offer both.  Thank you for writing.