I use the zinc cream as a sun protection, summer and winter, rain or shine. My sensitivity to sun is extreme; just a little patch of sun, and I flare up all over, swell, turn red, and the effect takes two weeks to cool down. With the zinc cream, I am fine, and mid-day my skin looks fabulous (a side effect).
I am an esthetician, and I sell products in my studio, including the zinc. My problem with it is that it is in a tube, so that about a third of the way into it, the tube needs to be cut to get any out. Even when I stand it upside down (opposite to your printing on the label) this happens, which doesn't make it a very nice product for my customers to take home. My point is, do you think you could begin packaging it in a jar? I would appreciate it, not for my sake, but for my client's sake.
Your comments please.