Felted Perfection on Soapstone
A 2021 Special Holiday Offer

This combo offers a merino soap or alpaca soap.  
Choose which soap you prefer

Adore our felted soap
 An eco-friendly one stop cleansing sensation
Clean, exfoliate, nourish the skin
Afterwards, recycle to a scrub pad

In the bath
In the shower
At the sink
On a Vay Cay (excellent at removing ocean sand)

Our alpaca and merino felted castile soaps are magical.  
The wools are in their natural hues, no dyes or synthetics. Just as nature intended

Our Alpaca is felted on a no scent moringa castile soap
Our Merino is felted on a gentle essential oil key lime castile soap

The combo soap and soapstone dish Holiday Special offer 
$32.00 (over 12% savings)


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Merino Soap
Alpaca Soap
Soapstone dish


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