"Our Baby Organics Package* includes the basic baby necessities for baby and parent: a gentle cleansing soap, a calming spray, absorbable and loving massage oil and a soothing, protecting diaper area salve. Each item is 100% natural. We use no artificial preservatives (parabens), alcohol, toxins, fragrances or dyes. Healthy nutrients for baby's skin is our utmost priority." Earth To Body

Baby Package includes:

(Each of the following Earth To Body items may be purchased separately. Click on item name for individual purchase)

Baby lavender rose spray
This gentle cleansing organic hydrosol is a perfect diaper area spray to replace chemical baby wipes, leaving baby feeling clean, calm and comfortable. Ideal also as a linen spray and room freshener.

Full Ingredient list: lavender * (lavendula augustafolia), rose** (rosa damascene)
* organic ** wildcrafted

Baby neem salve
Full Ingredient list: olive* (olea europaea), neem** (azadirachta Indica), natural beeswax, shea** (butyrospermum parkii), lavender* (lavendula augustafolia), calendula (calendula officinalis), Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl) 
* organic ** wildcrafted

Baby love organic oil
Our Baby Love Organic Oil is made with sunflower, jojoba and evening primrose carrier oils rich in vitamins (A, D, E) and omega fatty acids. Babies love a massage and this absorbable oil is a perfect nutritious moisturizer.

Full Ingredient list: sunflower* (helianthus annuus), jojoba* (simmondsia chinensis), evening primrose* (onenothera biennis), Vitamin E ((d-alpha tocopheryl) *organic

Baby castile soap
Handcrafted with baby in mind, this nutritiously gentle and scentless castile soap is based with pure organic olive oil. The addition of palm and coconut oils make this naturally soothing for baby’s sensitive skin. Make sure to avoid eyes

Full Ingredient list: olive* (olea europaea), palm (elaeis guinnesis), coconut (cococ nucifera) cocoa butter (theobrama cacoa), shea** (butyrospermum parkii) *organic **wildcrafted


Kim Hrapchak, Ancaster, Ontario 

I bought the Neem Salve last year after my mother-in-law had a
horrible car accident. She was casted on both legs for several months and when the casts were removed she was left with a horrible skin fungus. I applied the neem salve to her feet and legs each day. You could actually see the fungus falling off her skin! My mother-in-law was so impressed that it was a natural product, made in Canada and worked so well!  We had to buy 2 more jars for her! Thanks!

Hildene Meadows Craft Show, Vermont

The neem salve is the best I have ever tried. My feet are bad as I work in construction and have to wear boots all day. I massage in the salve every morning and night and my feet love it!

Port Credit, ON

I find the neem salve great on so many things. I had one bad looking toe nail, but I kept applying the neem salve and my nail is looking good.

A.P.  Calgary, AB

I bought the neem salve for my fingernails, but discovered it as a multi-purpose salve for everything. I know that neem is great to take camping, too.

Alex, Sudbury, ON

Athlete's Foot has always been a problem for me. Your neem salve got rid of it completely. Thank you. Alex, Sudbury, ON

KC, Saskatoon, SK

There are many baby products on the market but I have yet to find one as natural as yours. Babies do not benefit from the chemically filled creams and lotions out there. The purity of these organic products is what appealed to me. I rest assured that my baby’s skin is healthy. Thank you for being so natural.

Newmarket, ON

I travel all over North America and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. I carry your lavender rose linen spray everywhere I go to keep my hotel room, and especially the sheets, clean and fresh!” 

Charlottetown, PEI

Thank you for making this hydrosol. I have very delicate skin and I love the purity of the lavender rose spray. It keeps longer if I refrigerate it, and I love the cool feeling on my skin.”


I've been using the Baby Castile Soap on my newborn. It's so hard to find a simple castile soap. I wouldn't trust anything else on my baby's skin... except maybe your Emu-Neem Soap!

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