* The perfect duo, an Earth to Body soap on a 100% natural soapstone dish, hand sculpted by Ian Coffin.
* Each dish is unique in colour ranging from grey, bluish grey, tans to slight blacks and greens.  Some are darker or lighter with more or less veining.
* The feel is soft and warm, the look subdued and minimal, accenting both the traditional and the modern décor.
* The surface will always look freshly polished because of the natural oils from soap.
* Non-porous.  It will not absorb bacteria.
* Naturally GREEN FRIENDLY.   No harsh chemicals are entering your home.

How to Use:

* Place near any sink allowing excess water to drain into the sink
* On occasion, clean under the dish and wash any soap residue off with warm water.
* A soap dish made of soapstone is the perfect partner to a natural soap, as soapstone itself loves to be cleaned with a mild soap and water. 


* If the soap dish dulls over time or a small chip occurs, sand lightly and polish with any food safe oil.  You can also use our argan, emu, sheamu butter, or shargan butter to oil the stone.
* Looking for the perfect gift... a handcrafted 100% natural soapstone dish and soap combo.  

The dimensions are approx 7.5 cm by 8.5 cm by 1.5 thick.  All are hand cut so variations can occur.


Claire from Vaughan

I ordered 3 soap dishes & each one is different and beautiful. A very functional soap holder that will fit with any classic style.

Thank you, Claire for writing. We love Ian's work and find them a lovely complement to our soaps.

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