What can I say? Our argan oil IS the absolute best. Last month, when our argan oil order arrived to Canada from Morocco, Health Canada decided to hold it for testing.

 “Why now?", I pondered.  "This is a first."  The answer will become clear in a moment.

To my knowledge, we were the first company to import Argan Oil into Canada. We have been with the same reliable and trusted broker for over 8 years. He is our liason to a respected co-op in Morocco. Our customers have always exaulted the quality of this argan oil.

We we have stayed with the same reliable Fair Trade co-op.

We do not have any huge intermediary fees to pay. We do not need to add any silicon to our oil to market it.  We do not need to add or subtract from its perfection. We are NOT Moroccan Oil, and we do not wish to be.

There is a difference. We are 100% pure, and that is what Health Canada was ensuring when they captured our oil for 2 days.

Our oil won the accolades we knew we deserved. Perfect points. Perfect oil. Our 2013 certification is posted on our website.

Argan oil has hit the market big time. Too many sellers, too fast.

Health Canada is making sure that if we claim 100% pure, we mean it.   For Earth To Body, this is a good thing.

So the next time a customer asks us, "Why is your argan oil price so low?” or “Why is it the price so good?” our answer is “Because we can. We care to give you the best. Fair for us, fair for you."