This is not the first time I have written about sunscreen. It frightens me so. Last year I vented in  'Dear Cosmetic World, Am I a Bad Mother?'

Now is the time of year when everyone here in the north is thinking about protecting themselves from the hot summer sun. It IS wise to protect ourselves.
 But HOW we do it is important.

Is My Sunscreen Baby Safe?


Sand box, slides, castles and climbers
Children creating the playground scene
Running, stumbling, tykes a tumbling
All slathered and lathered in sunscreen

Under the guise of being a good thing
Adults smother their kids in this chemical goo
Avobenzone, Benzophenones, and paba delights,
Smothering little arms, legs and faces too,

Cinnamates, Salicylates, Digalloyl trioleate, 
and Menthyl anthranilate to name a few
Dangerous, poisonous, but ‘Oh, so common’
In a typical mix of sunscreen brew.

We need to protect ourselves from burning
We know the ozone is dangerously thin
‘HOW?’ is the question we need to ask,
What is safe to put on our children’s skin?

'New and Improved’ I see on the signage
I ask, "What was wrong with the original one?”
Is our overall health really important?
Or is it just a war against the sun?

Please, this summer, beware of sunscreen.
Don’t just lather and slather your child galore
Base with coconut, sheaemu or argan
For that little jaunt to the corner store

But when the sun is strong and you need to block
Use zinc oxide, it is the absolute best
Read ALL the ingredients, dissect the label
Your child’s life should NOT be part of a test.


Another past blog on sunscreen danger, by Gen, is an excellent read: In the Oxyben-zone. .

We do sell a zinc oxide, but there are others on the market. I have not personally tried Dr. Mercola's but I like the ingredients. If you do try his, and please let me know how you like it. If you try ours, we would love the feedback.

We really need to help each other. Please join our contest and let's share knowledge about the dangerous chemicals in sunscreen!