For all you ‘Potato Head’ lovers, cheers to vodka, poutine, baked, mashed, franconia and fries. BUT do you know what else these spuds can do?

A potato is full of surprises. There are potato stamps, potato art and potato ethanol.
Potatoes can be used in developing pictures, as an alternative to plastic and in powering a clock!

Potato juice has been known to alleviate pain, calm ulcers, and heartburn and flush out toxins. Using a  juicer helps and the addition of carrots and celery makes for an even more nutritious drink.


But what interests me most is the potato juice on skin care.

You can cut a potato and rub or poultice the juices right onto the affected area (acne, blemish, whitehead, blackhead, boil).

Below are 3 different methods to wear your potato juice. For more detail I found a great website discussing raw potato juice on skin 

Method 1
Cut the potato in half and rub it onto the affected area.  Leave the juice on for 30 seconds and rinse.

Method 2
Make a facemask
Blend the potatoes in a blender and leave the mask on the face for 30 minutes.
You can also grate the potato to obtain the juices if you do not have a blender. Rinse off. 

Method 3
Add the potato juice to Earth To Body Clay Neem Facial. (Use the juice instead of water or combined with the water)
Allow to dry and rinse off.

So next time a spud crosses your path, ponder its potentials.