Worried that the snow will be soon be flying and the ground will be frozen hard? Don’t despair, there are still a few weeks left for those of us who keep putting off the inevitable. Make sure you have a supply of those huge, sturdy garden compost bags, do a few stretches and put on some warm comfy clothing and you will be all set. Here is a short list of chores you should get done in the next couple of weeks (and don’t forget your winter tires while you’re at it!)



Divide overgrown perennials, including daylilies, hardy geraniums and Siberian iris.

Depending on what zone you live in, there may still be time to plant spring and summer flowering perennials. Ideally you should allow 6 weeks for root formation before winter sets in.

Cut down most perennials but do leave a few intact for winter interest such as perennial grasses, sedums and helleborus.

Water shrubs and trees well, right up to ground freeze-up, to help them through the winter.

Plant hardy, spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocus and scilla.

Rake and shred leaves, then bag them, ready to use as winter mulch or for your city to collect (or keep them for your own compost heap.)

Turn off water taps and store hoses and sprinklers.

Dig up tender bulbs and overwinter in a cool, dark, dry place.

Clean, sharpen and store tools.

Make sure you bring in any clay pots as they will crack with the freeze/thaw of winter.