Remember the infamous peanut butter and jelly squished between slices of doughy white bread? Remember how that first bite sparked that sugar high rush?

Maybe this needs a rethink.
Maybe sugared peanut butter and jelly and white GMO breads are NOT the best choices. Natural almond butter, homemade jams and gluten free breads are good alternatives.  Let's  think further outside that box.

Honey loves Cinnamon. It’s a natural combo. Make a paste of delicious honey (we love the honey from “Heavenly Honey’) and cinnamon (make sure you choose pure cinnamon).
Spread generously on ‘whatever’ and dive in. A tortilla, a piece of toast, a cracker, an apple slice , or straight from the spoon. Be creative. The choices are endless. And it is always totally scrumptious.

I’m about to turn 65 at any minute. It is an age where thinking about 'heart attack prevention' has crossed my mind!

And it is never too young to start thinking this way.

This miracle combo ‘honey and cinnamon’ does reduce cholesterol!   

And it also does lots of other cool stuff. Without the Pharma. 

Let us know what you think???