Sadly, no shows this fall. Happily, we are still here for you.

It is with sincere regret that we shall not be participating in any Canadian craft shows this fall season.* We continue to offer you online service, phone orders and phone consultations. 

You are our lifeline and we cannot thank you enough for your continued support and encouraging comments that you have so kindly shared with us this past year.   

Stay tuned:  Newsletters. Social Media. Sales. Specials. Flashers. 2 for 0ne’s. Contests. Free gifts

The show hosts have gone to great lengths to ensure the customers and the vendors are provided with a safe environment. They deserve accolades for their efforts and if your city hosts a show, please support the vendors and do enjoy.  

We truly wish we could say hi in person.  Write us, call us, remember us. We will miss you to.  Cyber hugs! 

*(If there is a show venue in St Albert’s (near Edmonton) this fall, we will keep you posted.)
Earth to Body West Ron and Dar 780-619-2636)




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