A beach. A riverbed. A desert. An ocean floor.
Sand, sand and more sand. Those tiny gritty eroded rocks. Those small loose granular grains that can do absolute wonders for our feet. A perfect match.

‘Wriggle the sand between the toes.
Rub the sand against the soles.’
Luxuriate in nature’s natural exfoliant that helps soften the feet and remove the dry skin buildup.

Exfoliation reduces aging. So for younger and healthier looking feet, walk that beach or sit near the waters edge and dig tunnels with the toes. Don’t stop there. Sand the hands. Build a castle, or bury yourself as far as you dare. Play.

Yes, the sand will find its way into the folds of your bathing suit.
Yes, wind gusts will blow it where you do not want it to go. It will end up in your cooler and sneak into your sandwich bag (thus the name), and it will attach itself to your sun lotions like a magnet.

It may get in your eyes and your mouth and your ears. But think ‘glass half full’. Sand cleanses, softens and soothes. And it simply washes away.

Lancelot and Guinevere. Orpheus and Eurydice. Napoleon and Josephine.
Sand and Feet. Perfect mates.

Alas. No beach, riverbed or ocean floor? Is the Sahara out of the question?
Exfoliate at home. Use salts instead. Soak, scrub and enjoy the tub. Improvise.