I had an interesting encounter with a dad and his little girl at a recent show. He told me how he came to know about Earth to Body. 

“I am the primary caregiver in our family and my job is Emma.  I often have to find a place to change my baby and this can be a problem as most changing tables are only in the women’s washroom.  I do not wish to change her in public. If my car back seat is not accessible, I need an alternative.  So I printed a small sign that I tape to the women’s washroom door, at what I hope is eye level. So far, I have not had any problems, only interesting encounters. The sign reads

I am a father and need to use the changing table for my baby.  
I will only be a few minutes.  
Please feel free to use the facilities if necessary. 
I am only using the changing table and once finished, I will leave immediately.  
Thank you for understanding,

Father and Daughter

Some women come in and smile and are completely OK with my job at hand.  Others wait outside and often make a comment like 'Thanks for the sign.' or  'Soon all-gender washrooms will be the norm. No worries.'

One woman noticed my baby wipes in a Tupperware container and asked me if I made my own.  I said my wife hates chemicals and yes, she makes the wipes.  She then told me all about Earth to Body baby products. I checked you out online and have been a regular customer ever since. Emma is most grateful for the neem salve."

I thanked him and little Emma for his testimonial.  He not only replenished his baby products but also bought face creams, moisturizers and different soaps. 

Our Organic Baby Package contains the four products: Baby Castile Soap, Baby Lavender Rose Spray, Baby Love Organic Oil and Baby Neem Salve. All can be purchased separately.

If you are not vegan, you might consider adding emu oil to your baby’s skin care agenda.
It is a nutritious addition.

Thank you for sharing us.










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