Risa, Toronto

Your best product for sure. I use this on my face and anywhere else I need it. Love it!

Lesley, Manitoba

I recently purchased this product to see if would help a dry and irritated spot on my eyelid – tried it for this first time this morning: AMAZING! The dry, red, flaky spot has already improved. I can't wait to see what happens with continued use. Thank you!

Tamar, Nova Scotia

Love love love.
Great soaps and oils.
Love this company and their integrity.

Brampton, ON

Great product! Has helped to lighten the dark spots on my face from acne. Definitely will buy it again.



Nazia, Newark, California

I really like this product on my skin and it smells awesome. The only reason why I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 is because if its used as a shampoo... its hard to get all of it out when rinsing especially on thick-ish hair. You really need to just make sure to massage the scalp continuously to make sure you get it all out. If you don't then that patch of hair will be sticky and gross.

We are happy that you like the soap bar, Nazia.  Thank you for taking the time to write us and to rate the product.   If you do try the soap bar again as a shampoo, you might have better success rinsing with apple cider vinegar after shampooing.  It   helps in the removal of any soap build-up and at the same time nourishes the hair. 

Noodlescat1, Ottawa

I have been using Emu Oil for the past number of months on my previously radiated skin (from breast cancer) in order to soften and nourish it while going through the expansion process. It certainly has helped my skin expand easier, as well as helping with the scaring caused from the surgery. I would highly recommend it for this purpose. Have not used it in any other way.

Heather Richmond

So far best salve for my dry face

Montreal, QC

I absolutely love the Lavender Soy Candle.

K.S.  Wainfleet, ON
no rating

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for helping to make my feet look normal again. I had an amazing experience with your sheamu butter product that I purchased at the Marshville Heritage Festival in Wainfleet earlier this month. I work on boats so my feet are constantly wet. My heels started to crack so bad that they were starting to open up. The day that I went to the Marshville Festival with my mom she actually had to bandage my feet because they were so bad that I had a limp when I walked. One of your staff was so wonderful and suggested we try the sheamu butter. By day 2 of using it, I was already starting to notice it healing, and I didn't have to limp anymore. I use a little bit of this butter on the heels of my feet every day and the change is incredible how much it has helped. I have been suggesting this product to everyone I come across that has had the same problem as me. Big thank you to your team.

no rating

The Charcoal soap is perfect. I don't know how it leaves my skin feeling so soft but it does! The ingredients are just what is needed for the skin and nothing else. It's now my go to soap :)

no rating

J’achète vos produits depuis plusieurs années déjà. J’ai fait l’essai de votre nouveau savon au charbon de bois et à l’argile. Ma peau est très sensible aux parfums; ce savon est inodore et se marie bien avec l’huile d’émeu. Je ne tolère pas les ingrédients chimiques des produits de soin pour le visage. De plus, j’ai découvert que les huiles essentielles et l’alcool de plusieurs gammes de produits 'naturels' sont trop irritants.
Ce nouveau savon nettoie tellement bien; il dégage les cellules mortes et détoxifie l’épiderme, mais il est doux. Après m’être bien lavée avec ce savon, une fine pellicule semble couvrir ma peau. Dès que je la frotte délicatement, de petits flocons s’en dégagent et ma peau devient vraiment douce. J’applique ensuite votre huile d’émeu qui, je dois vous dire, est de qualité fort supérieure à celle des huiles raffinées du commerce.
Merci encore, et poursuivez votre bon travail avec ces merveilleux produits. Je les apprécie énormément, car il y a peu de produits de soins qui conviennent à ma peau et qui sont si efficaces.

Heidi M, Ottawa, ON
no rating

I have been buying your products for years. I tried the new Charcoal Clay Soap. I am so sensitive to scents and this new soap is unscented and goes well with the Emu Oil. I do not tolerate chemical face products and have come to realize that essential oils and alcohols from many organic lines are too harsh.This new soap is so cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying, but also gentle. Once the soap is washed off, I notice that it almost gives a little peel and if I gently rub my skin little flakes rub off and leave an extremely smooth result. I follow with your Emu oil - which, yes, I attest is much better than the white refined stuff you get usually. Thanks again and please keep up with the wonderful products. I really do appreciate it, as there is not much that I can tolerate and that is also effective.

Nicole, Thunder Bay, ON 
no rating

Hey Earth To Body Team!
The Tamanu cream is unbelievable! Nothing moisturizes my skin better! I have wood heat and find my skin becomes dryer than normal in the winter months. My theory is Tamanu Cream by day and Emu Oil by night! My skin definitely glows and shows the benefits of these amazing products!
I was at my local supplement store two weeks ago and a staff member gave me the nicest compliment I have ever received. She said to me Everytime you walk in and I see you, I think to myself there is the girl with the perfect skin wow!! I was definitely not expecting that! Caring for my skin and body has always been very important to me.
This wonderful compliment deserves to be passed along to you as well. So Thank you ;)
Yours in Health

K.C.  Ailsa Craig, ON
no rating

I visited your booth and purchased a soap bar and emu oil for my husband’s ingrown hairs on his face. This is the only thing that he has tried that has worked, and he has tried several different things for years !!  I am also going to try the eye oil and the moisturizing cream, as I believe in using products without harmful substances.  You have wonderful products !!

A.G. Calgary
no rating

I had an awful canker sore in my mouth for a quite a few days I used the mouth freshener and it was healed in two days. The unique flavour took a bit getting used too and now I love it!  I swear by the freshener for overall mouth/gum health and I have not had a canker sore since I use it daily.

SM. Markham, ON
no rating

BTW i want to mention how happy i am with your products i purchased previously.  I have two daughters 3 yrs and 6 months.  the older one has eczema and is itching constantly.  I ordered the baby soap, argon oil, shampoo bar and massage oil.  The shampoo bar is amazing, her hair has never looked better, where as before everything i used would dry out her fine hair.  She feels much better with her eczema because of her soap and argon oil.  And because she is doing much better i started using them for the younger one too.  Thank you for simple and chemical free products. 

Karen B., Comox Valley, BC
no rating

I have used the zinc oxide cream for three years for my practices and races while participating with my competitive dragon boat team on Vancouver Island.  With all the hours on the water, I have never suffered sunburn and have recommended this product to others on my team.  Both sons are active with outdoor activities and are now using this product as well.  It contains ingredients that we can recognize and provides excellent protection from the sun.

Risa C, Toronto
no rating

I just wanted to say I love your new tooth cleanser.  I've used a different clay based cleaner before but this one out does it.  Please don't ever discontinue!

Beverly B., BC
no rating

I am delighted with the Soothing Oil as it definitely works on what was my painful knee and now is so much better ( to say nothing about soft, smooth skin, which is not how one usually describes knees). I  have passed on the info. My friend, Teri, from Toronto is a fan and now a customer of yours.

Amber, Calgary 
no rating

I love the tooth cleanser!! I have found that my problem areas where plaque that has been built up has slowly disappeared.  My gum health feels better & slowly my teeth are getting whiter.  Also I no longer get that 'fuzzy' feeling on my teeth half way through the day. A few extra steps that are well worth it!