Our Products

Skin nutrition as the primary goal of Earth to Body.  Recipes are uniquely formulated by us. While the easier to use, too often chemically-based, cosmetic bases are readily available, we prefer to have control of ingredient choices, thus we make our own from scratch. We source both Canadian and other world products. (See map)

Earth to Body’s product line is a combination of natural products for skin health, skin problems and preventive maintenance. We include face, body, hair and bath.

We indicate when a product is VEGAN and/or ORGANIC.  We do not use sulphates, parabens, or polysorbates, fragrances, formaldehyde, perfumes, dyes, harsh preservatives and the list goes on.

Our bar soaps are cold-processed and range from simple castile to the more exotically nutritious.

You can experience the beauty of pure carrier oils, like emu, argan, neem, tamanu. We use the same pure oil in recipes. 

Since we prefer the natural to chemical preservatives, Earth to Body products have a shelf life. Like fresh food, use when purchased. For short time storage, use cool temperatures.

Our products range from 100% natural and organic (our pure oils and blends, salves, balms and butters) to 95% found in our creams and lotion. * 

*Creams and lotion (containing oils and water) require the essential addition of an emulsifier to prevent separation. We use polawax, a premier non-ionic self-emulsifying wax that has a good balance of vegetable-derived emulsifiers and stabilizers (Cetearyl Alcohol and Ethoxylated Sorbitan Ester)

Our Packaging

As a small company we are limited in our choices. We use glass, recyclable plastic, (double walled containers) * and metal.

*food grade HDPE number 2 <2> HDPE (high density polyethylene) such as the sturdy, rigid plastic found in reusable food storage containers, milk and detergent bottles. 

To package and ship: recyclable cardboard, paper wrapping as often as possible.


We stand behind our products. Talk to us. Tell us what more we can do to help.