Martha Shannon, B.Sc, F.Sc, M.Ed

Co-Founder, Skin Nutritionist

A pioneer at heart, this ‘roadie’ spends months circuiting craft shows in different cities.  Martha spends hours listening, advising and empathizing in the booth. Her unyielding enthusiasm is rewarded with customer smiles and appreciation for taking the time to care. 

The summer tour means family campfires under the redwoods in Tofino and ocean bike rides. Winter means cozy suites and fine dining! RV travel, campsites and hotel lodging are a natural lifestyle for Martha.

When she’s home from trekking the country, Martha researches skin care, conducts experiments, trials and formulates the recipes that ARE the Earth to Body products. She is the mastermind behind the entire production and an expert at identifying market appetites.

From the red tile roof of MacDonald College to the downtown tree-lined McGill campus, Martha spent many years in labs and libraries. Twenty years of teaching have reinforced her love for sharing her knowledge.

When she is not coordinating her's and everyone else’s travel schedule, overseeing web management, delegating to her tribe of devotees and taking productivity to a whole new level, you may find Martha actually relaxing. Hints of a candle lit spa bath, a thriller, a historical novel, or health book may be spotted. She might even have all three genres on the go as she cuddles her dogs by the woodstove.

“In my golden years, Earth to Body is my Raison d’Être. Doing what I love the most. This is retirement.”

John Shannon, BCom, CMA

Co-Founder, Business Guru

John has a tendency to go missing around here. If he’s not nestled in his office chair engrossed in numbers, or exerting energy in the yard, he may very well be taking a snooze on the couch or a sun nap on the deck.

When at home, John pretends to do very little, delegating work, negotiating NHL pool bets and hibernating by the warmth of the wood stove and and watching the sport channel. John is more important than perceived. Like an anchor, he holds down the Earth to Body fort. Creatively individualizing spreadsheets, designing sales charts and handling the finances are only a few of John’s expertise as accounting guru.

When on the road, traversing the country with Martha in their RV, John does most of the driving. During their five-month summer tour, he IS the RV pull factor, the schlepper, the muscle, the man who makes it work. Camper extraordinaire, John soaks in the quiet of the wild, bike rides and barbecues. His ‘Tour Guide’ Martha, arranges their travel days to under seven hours… retirement worthy.

The fall tour involves planes, rental cars, hotels and suite-meals. Dealing with skids, packing, unpacking is a different vibe. Twelve-hour days on his feet, selling in his booth, John is a machine. When asked, “What do you love best about Earth to Body?” John smiles, “The freedom and gratification of satisfied customers.”

Heidi Shannon

Sales Rep, Customer Relations, Social Butterfly

In Heidi’s world “You can never have too many friends”, is a major understatement. Flocking to her like a magnet, people are drawn to her warmth, her energy and her hilarity. With little effort, Heidi generates a sense of community while at work or play.

Whether teaching English in Spain, delivering Natural Health Care presentations in schools, or selling in the booth, Heidi’s success at sharing her knowledge has been second nature. For the past 20 years, this craft show butterfly has been a key figure in Earth to Body’s success. Heidi’s innate affinity for people, make her career in marketing and customer relations foolproof. You won’t get enough of her infectious enthusiasm, expansive knowledge and affable demeanor. And trust us, the feeing is mutual. This extrovert thrives on kinship and social connection.

When Heidi is not travelling the country, filling orders or stirring up conversation on the phone, you may find her cooking up a gourmet storm in the kitchen. Alternatively, she may be curled up by the fire, devouring a great novel with an organic tea close by. With a memory like an elephant, I wouldn’t challenge her to Jeopardy.

Heidi’s beloved dogs are not the only ones who require space to roam free. Heidi feels most at home in nature, where she can board down a snowy slope, swim across an open lake, or swing a croquet mallet on a grassy plain.

When the smell of homemade oatmeal bread fills your lungs, or the sound of laughter warms your heart, you know this kindred spirit is close by… along with the rest of the neighborhood.

Steph Janukavicius

Master Chef, Sales Rep

Steph is one the original pioneers of our team. He kicked off promoting our products at small events and craft shows and wisely concluded there was a niche for high quality skin care!

Following his initial stint in sales, Steph’s patience and focus was required in the kitchen, where he underwent professional training to run a lab. Quick learning skills and a natural flair for “cooking” created a recipe for success. Watch out Master Chef, Steph is ours.

When Steph has completed blending in the kitchen, you may find him mixing a different form of art in his recording studio… Music. His true passion. Ensuing a love for composition, recording and creating, Steph is an accomplished guitarist, drummer and master of the mic. On any given night, you may be lucky enough to catch his band entertaining a passionate crowd at a downtown Montreal club.

Steph’s versatility travels far beyond the stage, the kitchen and the booth, where he still enjoys selling. Snowboarding, croquet, and hockey are just a few other means he uses to channel his energy and avoid idleness.

Steph feels fortunate to be a part of the “Earth to Body” family and we are privileged to have this very cool, laid back and talented man as part of our team.