mary jane gonzales, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

I am beyond happy with the products from Earth to Body. I wondered if chemicals in skin products were responsible for itching I have had. Even the commercial products I tried that were touted as "organic" or "natural" often included names of chemicals I did not understand. I decided to try Earth to Body and Oh my Goodness! Itching is gone now. To my surprise, after 2 weeks I no longer needed my medicated cream for dermatitis and after 4 weeks the melia (dozens of small white bumps on my face I have not been able to get rid of for years) are almost gone! I am a very, very happy customer!

Thank you, Mary Jane. What a lovely heartfelt testimonial. And thank you for sharing us!

Jodi, Muskoka, ON

 Love the Dead Sea Salts! And thank you for all of your kind customer service. You always go above and beyond to ensure your customers have all of their questions answered and are educated on the best product for their needs. You really, truly care and believe in the magic of your products! Thank you!

A much appreciated testimonial, Jodi. 


Pamela (Toronto)

This Argan oil is fantastic on my hair and scalp. It truly helps my hair grow thicker and healthier. I've been using this oil for over a year and it is now a staple in my hair care regime.

Megan in Winnipeg

Been using this as my daily moisturizer for aroun 5yrs and it is the lightest, least greasy most effective moisturizer I've ever used. I spent years trying other products with disappointing results and am so grateful that search is long over.

So glad we found you too, Meagan


Cathleen M


I am reordering this product, having tried MANY different brands of emu oil. A little goes a vey long way, it is effective for everything....scars, dry skin/cuticles, hair....take care of it as per the directions and it will last. I am all about glass packaging as well so extra bonus points for that. So glad I found this company.

Thank you for your EMU testimonial, Cathleen.  We are very proud to be able to sell this great quality of unrefined emu.


Ron Klassen

My 87 year old mother loves it. It has replaced her crack cream.  

Thank you, Ron.   Hugs to your mom!

Cathi Krewicki

Love this product!

Thank you, Cathi

Amanda Ottawa

Amazing product! Leaves your lips extremely moisturized. Great quality product!

Amanda, we love you!

Sean, Hawaii

It's the best emu oil available on our beautiful planet. I hope you will continue to have that direct resource in Australia for years to come.

Thank you, Sean.  We agree with you and do hope we can always source Australia's best.

Anonymous, DDO, Quebec

I want to share a testimonial about your neem salve product. I bought it years ago.
This summer I developed a patch of eczema on my wrist. I was putting cortisone that the doctor prescribed to me and it only make it more inflamed and irritated. I put that away and started using the neem balm. It cleared it up in a week.

A more recent and personal experience, my teenage son is having an infectious break out on his upper leg and the doctor prescribed antibiotic cream. No results from that. We tried nizorol as well. Nothing.
I’m putting the neem balm and it’s working. Thank you! This product is simply amazing! I’m glad you guys are still around! I’ll be spreading the word to many!

So glad you had good experiences with the miraculous neem.  We hear it all the time and so appreciate you taking the time to share.


 LOVE the Revitalizing Eye Oil !!! It noticeably reduces puffiness under my eyes immediately, and is a nice addition if I mix it with the Emu Oil over the rest of my face and neck, too.
Again, thank you and all the staff at Earth to Body.

Thank you, CB.  You might enjoy the article:

Debbie Ott

I am about to re-order this tooth cleaner. It took a while to become accustomed to it, but I'm pleased with the result. My only complaint is that the stirring paddle snapped in half after a week or so, making using it a challenge. Not really sure what an alternative might be to that - non-plastic would be nice...

The small paddle is best used to remove the pea sized amount of tooth cleanser from the jar.  In cooler temperatures when the tooth cleanser  is firmer you might use a small metal spoon to mix. We hope this helps and thank you for writing, Debbie

LC, Dartmouth NS

Emu Neem soap is the only soap I have ever been able to use on my face and it took until my mid-40s before I discovered the soap - and the Skin Manager oil. Until that time, I could never use soap or moisturizer on my face: soap would make my skin red and inflamed and moisturizer would cause acne.

Thank you, Leona. Most commercial soaps are detergent based and can cause the irritations you describe.  We are happy you have discouvered a home made soap, especially one that contains emu and neem. 






Jane Eligh-Feryn

I've used these products for probably ten years.... I love them and would not use anything else. Whenever I do happen to use another product I always notice the strong chemical smell. These products are fresh, clean and do my skin so much good.... please always keep making them.

What a heart warming testimonial, Jane. Thank you for loving our products.


Très utile informations. Mercixxx




I love the natural feel. It works absolutely well!

Thank you, Olga


Awesome! just awesome! 



We love Sheamu Butter -- before and after sun; winter use keeps all dry skin and eczema away. The only solution for my drying eye lids!

Yes, our Sheamu is an all season wonder. Thank you, Olga

Joline Haché, Ottawa

I have been battling adult acne for year and nothing was working for me, even expensive products made specifically for acne. I’m amazed at how well this inexpensive bar of soap healed my skin! Thank you for making a product that works and doesn't cost half my paycheck. You just made a lifelong customer out of me :)

So, so glad you like the emu neem soap, Joline. Thank you. Don't hesitate to call or write for other product suggestions.

Jodi, Muskoka, ON

"My new recent addiction is your lovely Emu Neem Soap and soap dish. It has completely replaced my regular bar of soap and the dish is perfect for a softer soap. My skin is always lovely and nourished even if I don't have time to pamper my skin after my shower."

Cleaning the old fashioned way..soap on a dish.  We love it too, Jodi. Thank you.