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We make what's good for you. Our pure handcrafted skin nutrition is pure goodness from the earth, free from sulphates, parabens, fragrances, perfumes, dyes or harsh preservatives. Our ingredients include plant based, organic, fair-trade, vegan & gluten free all natural products . (See gluten free section) Our product recipes are made from scratch and are originally developed with skin nutrition as the primary goal. Our natural skin care is known to nourish the skin and soothe many dry skin irritations.

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news this month

Apr 21 - Earth Week at Earth to Body!
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Apr 10 - New Product: Merino Felts
Luxurious merino wool is  beautifully felted around our Castile Coral Key Lime soap bar....


Apr 13 - Where have all the Monarchs gone?
Earth to Body
"The Monarch butterfly unites the three countries of North America in peace. It is an...
Apr 2 - "Hello, Emu Bird"
Earth to Body
"Hello, emu bird" Elegant, yet, vigilant, our emu bird graces our winter wonderland here...

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