Introducing Eli, Age 10

Every year on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. We need to take care of the earth because it's important and it's our home. 

The world now marks the Earth Day to make the human race realize the importance of mother earth. Pollution is throwing garbage on the ground and not recycling.  It’s a problem because it affects animals, trees and plants and it gets in the water. Plastic in the water can catch on animals fins and they have to live like that if they can't get it off. 

I can help the earth by recycling, use less energy, bike more often and use less water. 

If no one helped to clean up the earth, all of the animals and plants would die and we would have to wear gas masks.

I think that we should be more responsible and take care of the earth.

By Eli
Age 10

Left: Bear/ Middle: Elephant/  Right: Pug
Pencil & Black Ink on paper. Freehand.
By Eli


Eli uses the shampoo bar and likes it because it does not contribute to the pollution.  He also uses the emu oil for little cuts, scrapes, bruises, the neem salve for much of the same, the neembodybar when he camps in mosquito country.  Eli is going to Costa Rica soon and has made sure his mom has packed the sheamu butter and the zinc.  He likes natural products and is already adept at checking out food labels.  Since he is immersed in Earth to Body, he does not have to worry about his skin care.

Thank you, Eli for contributing to our Earth Day and for being aware.



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