Setting: A Breakfast Restaurant. Two women chatting. One in White Linen. One in Paisley.

You are alone in a neighbouring booth, having forgotten your ear phones. 
You cannot help but overhear their chatter.

White Linen: "Soooooo good to see you.  It has been years. How are you ….?"

You digest several minutes of catch–up. Paisley changes the subject and your ears perk up.

Paisley: “You look marvelous, BTW. Tell me your secret to looking so young. What brand are you using on your skin? Estee? Shisheido? L’Oreal? Or maybe Nivea? What is your magic?"

Intrigued, you sip your coffee and continue to pretend not to listen.

White Linen: “You are kind. Thank you. I can tell you what I AM wearing on my skin, but I truly believe it is also what I am NOT wearing.”

Paisley: “Wearing? What do you mean ‘wearing’?”

White Linen: “As in ‘whatever touches my skin’. I like natural products, organic, as pure and simple as I can find. I wear absolutely no chemicals, no commercial products, no famous well-known name brands. I like it. My skin feels better." 

Paisley: " I have paid lots of money for good face creams. Lab tested. Full of 'Natural' ingredients. I try. I paid near $150.00 for one cream and it feels okay, but not terrific. It feels sticky. It has a 50 SPF built right in. Contains Vitamin E and aloe. But I am not so sure I see a difference. So, what name brand DO YOU USE?"

White Linen: “You are smart to be reading the ingredients. Vitamin E and aloe are good. But it is often the ‘other ingredients’ that are not so good.  I might question such a high SPF too?  And do know what the SPF chemical is? I use products from a small family owned company called 'Earth to Body'. Pure carrier oils, homemade creams. Every ingredient is pure. Their soaps are incredible. Their products protect you. They’re different. You can even visit their shop and see them make the product. Did you know that commercial products are loaded with formaldehyde?" 

Paisley: (horrified) "Formaldehyde? I’ve never seen formaldehyde on a label? Seriously?  Is it in my baby's diaper cream?” 

You silently wonder if your coffee contains formaldehyde?  

White Linen: "Most probably. It’s a strong preservative, as you know. Think about healthy skin care as being a food product. It should not have a ‘forever’ shelf life. There are different names for everything. It is confusing for all of us when reading a label." 

Paisley: ‘’You are scaring me! Do I have formaldehyde on me now?  What else am ingesting through my skin?"

White linen: "Propylene glycol, mineral oil aka petroleum, SLS, tricolsan and the list goes on. Today, it is hard to hide stuff from us. While Google may have some misinformation, if you research carefully, you can figure out what is best. You can also make some of your own skin care. But if you choose not to, and I do not have the time, 'Earth to Body' is the absolute BEST. They list every ingredient and each one has been chosen to nourish the skin... no chemicals." 

Paisley: "Where should I begin?"

Stay tuned 



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