It’s hard to imagine successfully carving something worthwhile out of a piece of rotten wood.  

Let’s lend the analogy to skin care. If the base is faulty, no matter what is done to try to improve it, the end result is not healthy, nor beautiful. Perhaps, if Confucius could read the ingredient listing on many commercial skin care products sold today, he might surmise, ‘nothing good can come of this’. 

A skin care company’s creations are as good as the tools and the ingredients chosen.

A desirable end goal of any product is that it look, smell and feel good, when applied. More importantly, it should also do the job it claims it will do. 

To achieve this desired result, many specialists are involved in the creation and they are usually good at what they do. But follow the money. Using pure, healthy natural ingredients is costly.  Shelf life is always a consideration, thus powerful preservatives are added. Using synthetics and chemical substitutes is cheaper, more efficient.  Add elaborate and attractive packaging, great advertising and the sales soar.

But if the base ingredients are ‘toxic’, as are many of the additions added to regulate the texture, colour, fragrance etc. of the cream, the cleanser, the lotion, the salve, a ‘beautiful thing’ cannot be created. At least, nutritionally speaking, which is where our interest lies.

We start off with a ‘goodness’, as would be found in the perfect wood for carving.  The end product is a beauty of nature. 

Our skin care line is healthy for the skin. Healthy for you. The ingredients speak for themselves. 

We believe Confucius would agree.