30 ml

« Earth to Body importe son huile d’émeu pure à 100 % de l’Australie où les aborigènes l’utilisent depuis des millénaires. Les qualités cosmétiques inégalées de l’huile d’émeu ne peuvent être contestées. Sa composition et les bénéfices qu’on en retire proviennent d’acides gras essentiels qu’elle contient (les acides gras oméga-3 et oméga-6, 7 et 9). Cette huile d’émeu non raffinée exceptionnelle s’est avérée très populaire comme huile cosmétique. » Earth To Body

Retenez bien que l’huile d’émeu a une durée de conservation d’un an ou deux lorsqu’on la conserve au réfrigérateur. Si vous désirez avoir votre huile d’émeu à portée de la main à température ambiante, elle demeurera stable environ un ou deux mois, selon le type d’huile.

La couleur de notre huile d’émeu peut varier, tout comme son odeur, sa texture et sa durée de conservation. Il vaut mieux la conserver au réfrigérateur.

Lorsque vous commandez un format plus grand, nous vous enverrons un petit pot. Ainsi, le contenant plus gros demeure au réfrigérateur. Il suffit de verser un peu d’huile dans le petit pot à l’aide d’une fine cuillère propre. Vous pourrez ainsi utiliser le plus petit format pratique au quotidien. Il est bon d’utiliser toute huile à température ambiante dans un délai de quelques semaines pour en assurer la fraîcheur. 

L’huile d’émeu comme produit esthétique

  • Naturelle et non toxique
  • N’encrasse pas les pores
  • Hypoallergène (non irritant)
  • Convient à tous les types de peaux
  • Adoucit et apaise la peau
  • Hydrate la peau atteinte de démangeaisons
  • S’harmonise aisément aux autres ingrédients
  • Massage les muscles étirés et endoloris
  • Un lubrifiant exceptionnel
  • Soulage les irritations de la peau sèche
  • Réduit les rougeurs du psoriasis
  • Adoucit les rides et possède des propriétés anti-vieillissantes
  • Atténue l’apparition de taches sur la peau
  • Tonifie la peau
  •  Aide la peau à conserver son lustre et sa beauté naturelle
  • Aide à maintenir l’élasticité de la peau
  • Assez doux pour la peau du bébé
  • Donne à la peau une apparence fraîche et jeune
  • Convient parfaitement après le bain, un sauna ou une visite au spa
  • Réduit la présence de taches pigmentaires dues au vieillissement
  • Revitalise la chevelure
  • Adoucit les durillons
  • Aide à se débarrasser des pellicules
  • Baume salutaire pour les lèvres
  • Adoucit la peau après une application de cire épilatoire
  • Calme les irritations cutanées sur les animaux
  • Excellente huile de massage 

Tous les ingrédients de ce produit

  • Huile d’émeu

L’huile d’émeu gagne en popularité depuis quelque temps. C’est l’un des produits esthétiques qui offrent tous les bienfaits des substances huileuses et AUCUN des inconvénients. La peau absorbe l’huile d’émeu comme elle absorbe l’eau; c’est l’émollient le plus merveilleux qui soit. Tout repose dans sa composition. La structure moléculaire de l’huile d’émeu est celle qui se rapproche le plus de l’huile corporelle humaine. D'autre part, on estime que l’huile d’émeu est une source complète d’acides gras essentiels, car elle renferme les acides gras Oméga 3, 6 et 9; le corps humain ne peut fabriquer les acides gras essentiels ou les obtenir par synthèse, mais ces acides sont indispensables à la santé et pour le bon maintien de l’épiderme. Idéalement, nous devrions pouvoir nous approvisionner en acides gras essentiels au moyen d’un régime alimentaire équilibré, mais ce n’est pas toujours le cas. L’huile d’émeu topique et les produits qui renferment l’huile d’émeu alimentent notre peau grâce à ces nutriments précieux tout en aidant à la rajeunir. Cette huile hydrate et assainit la peau. Son apport important en vitamine E en fait une huile de massage des plus agréables et apaisantes. 


Mirella, Toronto

I love your products immensely, especially the emu oil which I use every night. I also like the fact that I can use it safely on my wee Yorkshire Terriers if they get a cut or to soothe an incision on a previous operation. The Vet was impressed. I also suffer from rosacea which has now calmed down since using the emu oil & soap. Even my medical aesthetician has suggested I not replace the emu evening regime with her products, therefore I only need to use hers in the morning. AND YOUR PRODUCTS ARE CANADIAN which is a big plus in my books, thank you,

A. Read

I love your Emu oil. I spend quite a bit of time in a pool and outdoors running and the Alberta environment is much drier than Ontario where I have lives most of my life. Since coming to Alberta emu oil seems to be the only thing that keeps my skin soft - the lack of humidity and chlorine from the pool do double damage. It also does wonders as a massage oil for tight muscles. It's all natural, non-greasy and very hydrating.


I love, love, love your emu oil and moisturizer! I struggle with very sensitive skin! Redness, Burning and swelling - not with your emu oil products. These products make my skin feel nourished and cared for! I now have my beautiful manly hubby hooked!

Lise Brown

I was introduced to this line at the Marshville Festival over a year ago. Before that I had tried all the prescribed medication even the injectables to try to alleviate my psoriasis symptoms on my feet and hands, within a week of using the EMU oil, most of the plaque was gone. Since then I have tied many of their other products and love each of them but none so much as I love my EMU oil. I am delighted with your products please keep up the great work.

Wendy, Cambridge, ON

I have been using the EMU OIL on my face for about 1 1/2 years. I wash my face in the evening and then apply a very small amount of the oil and rub in. My face has never been clearer and exceptionally smooth. I am 51 years old and often get told I look much younger. Thank you Earth to Body for bringing such a wonderful product to the Canadian market.

J.F., Toronto

We love the emu oil. My teenage son is prone to acne. His skin is so much cleaner looking now. He uses the emu neen soap and then applies a small amount of the oil. It is not greasy at all! . I once have tried another emu oil and not only did I find it greasy, but it did not work as well as yours!
The mange on the muzzle of my Dachshund has responded beautifully to the emu oil. Within 2 weeks, the dryness has gone and he looks like he never had any affliction at all I love the emu oil on both my hair and scalp. I use a small amount as a daily conditioner and sometimes I rub it into my scalp and leave it on overnight. It relieves the itching and dandruff.
We were recently in French Polynesia for a family holiday and used both your emu oil on skin that was overexposed to sun -- with tremendous relief provided. Thanks very, very, very much for being at the recent One of a Kind show in Toronto -- your products truly are remarkable!  


I burned my hands badly by grabbing a pan that had been in a 500 degree oven. The finger tips were seared white. I immediately applied pure emu oil, and added more oil for the first hour or so. Within 30 minutes the pain ceased. The next day, I continued using the oil. There was just a slight redness, no blisters or scars, and still no pain.

Noodlescat1, Ottawa

I have been using Emu Oil for the past number of months on my previously radiated skin (from breast cancer) in order to soften and nourish it while going through the expansion process. It certainly has helped my skin expand easier, as well as helping with the scaring caused from the surgery. I would highly recommend it for this purpose. Have not used it in any other way.

Verified purchase

In addition to being awesome for everything everyone else has said, I have found emu oil to be phenomenal on tattoos - fresh and old! It really helps heal everything much quicker and definitely takes away the unbearable itching associated with a healing tattoo. When dabbed on an older one, it makes it "pop" and look like new. Perfect!

Joe B. Windsor,Ont

I am in day 2 of using this product on my endemic ankles caused by venous deficiency. It is already softening the thickened skin and becoming more elastic.


I was injured a few years ago and lost most of the skin on my upper arm--the pain was terrible and everything made it worse. Then a doctor applied a thick coating of emu oil and gauze --to be left on for 1o days. When the bandages came off it was smooth, unscarred baby skin. I'm using Earth to Body emu oil now on a scarring skin condition (related to psoriasis) and within one day it has made such a difference--softening and soothing redness, itching, inflammation.It is an almost miraculous product. Would love to be able to use all over as body lotion, if it were not quite so expensive. What about a subscription program--with discount for one or two large bottles each month? 

Colin, how fortunate to have had a doctor so aware of emu oil's miraculous properties. I wish we could accommodate a subscription program, but we are a very small company and the large emu oil is already at a 45% discount. Continue to use the pure oil where needed and then for an all over body lotion we suggest our Sheamu butter, a blend of organic shea and unrefined emu oil.  It lasts months and you will be more than pleased with the results.


Brilliant product--healing, soothing, emollient --just the best.

We are so happy you discovered the unrefined emu! Thank you, Francie



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