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Since I was little, my mother always loved debating Nurture versus Nature. Some days she would chose Nature, and other days Nurture… she was always open to discussing the complex and controversial subject. As I live and learn, I too have flip-flopped on many occasions, teetered the fence on whether our health and character are innate or environmentally manipulated.

Last summer, the debate continued. I announced I was more on the side of Nurture. I had just finished studying the plastic brain and how we can change our body minds with our thoughts. Epigenetics are now proving what Eastern medicine has known all along. Our genes can be switched on and off depending on our environment. The choices that we make affect how cells express our genes.

That was it for me. I was certain that I had full control over my biological destiny. My thoughts, my diet, my environment, these were what determined my immunity and how long I would live.

Recently, I have wandered back to the 50/50 mark, precisely where my mother has always hovered. (Mother’s are always right aren’t they?) Or perhaps it's more of a totality of both, than a percentage of each. I remember how for generations, our ancestors have passed down energy, memory and DNA. It’s our constitution that determines what choices we need to make to stay healthy and happy! Type of exercise, food, lifestyle, all depend on our physical, mental, emotional constitution. What is beneficial for one may be detrimental for another. Our genetic makeup determines what choices we need to make to create a nourishing environment. You may need a cold revitalizing Manitouka Scrub shower, and I may benefit more from a hot Dead Sea Salt bath. Our innate differences are as unique as a thumbprint!

By Nurturing your particular Nature, you can use and mold your genes to your advantage.

Everything seems to be a balance doesn’t it?

What is your opinion? Do you believe we are who we are because of our DNA, or is it environment that shape-shifts our reality?


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