The snow is gone.  The cold is not biting.  The walkways are clear and nature’s paths beckon.
We can be outside daily... walking, biking, hiking, playing, or quietly sitting and observing nature.

I wish to share the following from Dr. Susuki's website (Doc Talks) on the importance of nature and being outdoors.

When asked, "What is the connection between time spent in nature and mental health?" 

Dr Kang* replies, "Our internal biology rewards us when we do something important for our survival. That reward is a feeling of well-being, rejuvenation or pleasure, and it is mediated by our brain's neurochemicals. Anyone who has ever felt better by going outside in nature has experienced this reward. It is biology's way of telling us to do it again—being in nature is important for our survival.”

Balance your life.  Make nature a part of it.

*(Dr. Kang is a psychiatrist who teaches about health and motivation through her books and seminars. She calls her approach the The Dolphin Way and her first parenting book The Dolphin Way: A Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Successful Kids Without Turning Into a Tiger)