all natural skin care

Bienvenue. It is that welcoming time of year when the spring sunshine dances shadows on the melting snow and sneaks its warmth into our still winter cool rooms.  Welcome to ‘La Boutique Earth to Body’.  Come sit.  Enjoy a respite for a few minutes.  Perhaps you recently read an article about the dangers of commercial soaps and shampoos and you are now considering switching over to something more natural.  You have a few questions.  We have the time.

Spring, we all know is the season to fling open the windows and breathe the fresh air.  Shake the rugs, wash the walls, reorganize the cupboards, de-clutter the basement.  Appreciate the garbage man.  It is also a great time to wash ourselves down.  De-pollute.  Think about NOT buying the commercial shampoo you keep seeing advertized on TV.  “I know her hair looks beautiful, but seriously?  Are we really falling for that? " Think twice about the hair shampoo for psoriasis containing steroids.  "I know it may help  for a bit, but I have been warned not to use it too often."

While sitting in our shop, you cannot help but notice the subtlety of the scents.  You will not be irritated.  Your throat will not constrict.  You will be comfortable.  Like a breath of fresh spring air.

You might ask,

‘You can actually use a soap bar to shampoo the hair? “
“Do you have any products that might help itchy skin?”
“My niece has eczema.  My son has bad acne.  My father is in a nursing home and it is a nightmare at bath time. Do you have any suggestions?”

You ask a lot of good questions.  While we do not claim a product for a particular skin issue, we are proud that we  make only natural, healthy products that your skin will like.  Our testimonials tell us why people like it.  We share this with you.

Compare our products to good healthy food.  If you eat well, you will be healthier.  If you feed your skin a non-toxic, non-hazardous diet, it will be much better off.  
Stay as long as you like.  We love your questions. We love the sharing.  We learn from you.

If our spring time zones do not allow a personal visit, please phone or write.  Spring is to clean and feel better.  We can help.