Wanda had a sex change. His name is now Wand.

Our fish are not happy campers. We are pouring silent killers down the drain. Our poor fish are undergoing sex changes and it is not out of choice.

If pouring our shampoos and soaps down the drain can make a fish do an about face in the sex department we should be concerned.

The culprit is triclosan, a PPCP (polychlorinated phenoxy phenols) which is used as a preservative and anti-bacterial agent. It does NOT easily degrade and is building up and building up and building up in our environment.

This questionable chemical is found in soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving creams and mouthwashes, all of which eventually end up swirling down our sewer pipes, entering the water world below. It is even in facial tissues. There is concern that triclosan forms other chemicals when combined with the chlorine in our waters. There is a link to it affecting our metabolism through our thyroid gland. Something bad is going on.

Health Canada does dictate a limit as to how much can go into a mouthwash or cosmetic, but unfortunately they ADD UP and contribute to our body and the water around us becoming polluted. Read more about it from David Suzuki 

Back to the fish with no voice. Triclosan and aquatic life do not go well together.

So that is why natural soaps like Earth To Body's are a global eco necessity. Use our soaps (eg. Shampoo bar) and help Wanda keep her name.  
Thank you.