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The phone is ringing at Earth to Body headquarters.

Hi.  My name is Chris, calling from a correctional centre in northern Manitoba. I came across your website and discovered that you sell shampoo bars. We have been government mandated to switch from liquid shampoo in bottles to an actual shampoo bar. We thought maybe you might have something for us.” He went on to explain.

“By law, each inmate is granted a monthly allotment of bar soap and liquid shampoo. However, some inmates are practicing techniques at using the liquid shampoo and bottle in creative ways that are not conducive to accepted behaviour. This behaviour has not only involved aggression towards each other, but also towards the guards. We no longer wish to provide them with a liquid shampoo. Thus, our hunt for an alternative to the liquid."

My imagination went wild as to the  ‘shampoo antics’, but I dared not ask for details. I did venture however. “Can the inmates could use their current soap bar also as a shampoo? This would be cost effective for you.” The answer was an emphatic NO. The law required an allotment of body soap bar AND a hair shampoo. A ‘one stop shop cleanse’ did not exist, nor was being considered.

I sighed, “Historically, a soap bar cleansed the entire body. Liquid shampoo did not exist.  So a ‘one stop shop’ is not a new invention. But clever marketing of new products led to the concept of separate cleansing products. We would love to attain a contract from you for thousands of shampoo bars. But we make nutritious shampoo soap bars, all handmade, all natural ingredients that I know your clientele would love, but they would be too costly for you. I am sure you pay a few cents for the current soap bar and you wish to find a shampoo bar at similar or even less cost. It is too bad the law is so rigid because in the long run, ‘a one- stop shop soap’ would be cost-effective. I am assuming your clientele are currently using an inexpensive chemical laden liquid shampoo full of many undesirable ingredients. A natural and healthier one would cost too much. I get it. But so would a healthy shampoo bar like we make.  Since you need thousands of bars, as the government mandated, I know you need to purchase your bars at a much better wholesale than I can provide.Thank you so much for thinking of us, Chris. I appreciate the call and wish we could have worked together."

Chris agrees.  I wish him luck on his quest.

I sincerely wish we could have helped these inmates with our wonderful shampoo/soap bar.  They would enjoy an all over wash, hair, head, and body and feel absolutely wonderful.  As a bar to treasure, they would have no need for mischievous antics.