Imagine being surrounded by giant strip malls, prosaic chain stores and conglomerations. Is this where our world is headed? Not to mention decreased quality of products and exploitation of workers. You can keep our communities alive and diverse by purchasing your goods from independent stores. The choice is yours.

Earth to Body Natural Skin Care Company’s home base is in Pointe Claire, with our Boutique residing close by in Valois. Not only are we a small local company, we are a family business. A Mom and Pop collaboration devotes much time, energy and focus on every aspect of our vocation, from start to finish.

This is no nine to five work place.

With Mom, Pop, daughters, sisters-in-laws, husbands and best friends working closely under two roofs, our devotion to Earth to Body is a shared family passion. We ponder and discuss business over coffee, playing with our little ones, at the dinner table and sometimes in our sleep! Caring about the people we work with means we care about building a sustainable energy that not only supports ourselves, but the ones we love. This love, in turn, expands to you… Our loyal customers!

We cherish our customers and work hard to provide the products we sell to you. Overseeing production from the spark of an idea to the moment of fruition… the final product is handed to you. We are proud of our work and it shows in the quality.

Using careful groundwork and investigation, our research over the years has brought light to the importance of avoiding chemicals in our everyday lives, from food, to cleaning products, to cosmetics. We know the truths that lie in the hands of large corporations. This inspires us to heal naturally, and in turn, heal you. Carefully selected ingredients hold powerful properties that can provide long-lasting relief for serious conditions. Eczema. Psoriasis. Acne. Our products can help.

We are no ordinary Skin Care Company.

We research and developed recipes, using only the highest quality ingredients. We test everything ourselves to get it just right. We design, print, label, seal, package… all in house. And sometimes, when we are lucky, we get the opportunity to hand it over to you in person. There is no greater joy!

Supporting local business has many benefits. You will receive unique items, better service, better health and superior quality. Shopping locally also helps to create jobs in the community, develop a stronger economy by keeping our tax dollars local and contributes to a cleaner environment. Ensure a diverse and vibrant atmosphere while supporting your neighbors.

Visit us in store or at a local craft show near you. We do travel across the country. Support Canadian Made, Small, Local AND Family Business!