Step into the shower
A black soap greets you
Stone looking
Yet softer, sensual, scentless but not
A touch to the skin
Eliciting a smile
A caress that cleanses

Knowing that charcoal is a good thing
And clay, a roll in the mud
You get to play
A slide and glide
An all over, no fuss 
Perfect skin sensation

With a touch of tulsi
The holy basil of India
Disinfect. Soothe. Cool.
You start to sing 

And castor oil for perfection
Moisturizing, rich, healing magic
A gourmet blend into the skin

Add organic olive and coconut oil
Protection. Prevention. Perfection.
Now YOU are the ‘connoisseur’ of soaps

An experience like no other
All Over
Hair and Head and to the Toes

Our Charcoal Clay Soap
To Wallow in