* Renowned for soothing itching, dryness especially on eczema prone skin
* A ‘head to toe’ cleansing and moisturizing package
* Both scalp and body benefit from the pure nutrition
* Totally chemical free. Skin issues are soothed rather than aggravated 
* Cracking, severe dryness  will be lessened beyond belief 

Package Includes:

ESP Shampoo/soap bar (4.5 oz.)             $11.00
X Cream (40 ml)                                    $25.00
Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse (250 ml)  $10.00

(Total value: $46.00  Save: $5.00)

How to Use:

* Cleanse scalp and hair and body with ESP shampoo/soap bar. 
* Apply apple cider vinegar hair rinse once or twice a week to scalp.   
* Apply X cream to any itchy, dry spots e.g. hands, eyelids, ears,  inner and outer elbows, behind the knees etc

Additional Product Suggestions:

Dead Sea Salt Spa or scrub (bath or shower)
Manitouka scrub (bath or shower)
Also soothing: Neem Salve, Emu Oil and Zinc Oxide


Do not confuse the scalp and skin with other products that contain chemicals. Be patient with the shampoo on longer hair, especially if you have been using commercial liquid shampoos.  The trick is to use very little lather and rinse well. Use only these products for a few days and you will the difference immediately.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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