Decision Fatigue 

It's a real thing, and I am certain we all have it. Brains get tired. Decisions expend mental energy, reducing our ability to think straight. And since life is about choices, I wish I didn't have so many on a daily basis. I feel like an exceeding number of products are accumulating around me like an exponentially multiplying bacteria impeding my view on the rest of the world! Eggs alone. Organic, free run, free range, omega, cage-free, pasture-raised, humanly-raised, local, farmers-market, veggie-fed! Come on, seriously? Am I the only one who finds this overwhelming? It's like they do it on purpose to make my head spin. What ever happened to the days of white or brown? Personally, my brain can only take so much before wishing I had brought a portable chair to the grocery store to ponder and research every selection. Decision Fatigue? Ya, no kidding.

Lately, I have been considering what Einstein, Steve Jobs and other leaders have in common. They all wear the same thing every day (or the same type of style) to preserve brain power. Not having to decide on an outfit every morning increases their mental focus on other, more important decisions... like their work, their intuition and their life purpose. Look where that got them! 

One Simple Soap

Your wardrobe and diet are up to you, but we can help you with one aspect of your life. One simple soap. Just like the old days!

Here's what to do. Slice up a shampoo bar (or two) into a few smaller chunks, as though cutting cheese. Distribute them around the house. Beside the kitchen sink for hands, dishes and cleaning. The bathroom sink for hands, face and cleaning. The shower for body, hair and shaving. And the laundry for tough stains. (see below for more instruction)

Ahhh, now we can avoid deciding which types or brands of stain remover, dish soap, cleaning soap, body/face soap, shampoo, shaving cream... A few less options can go a long way.

Simplifying our lives makes room for other more important ventures. All this thinking is making me thirsty. What type of water should I drink? Tap, filtered, bottled, Ionized, spring, artesian, mineralized, demineralized, distilled, purified, raw, reverse osmosis... Oh no, now I need a nap.

House Cleaning: Run the soap under warm water into a bowl until nice and sudsy. Soak, wipe, wash. Easy peasy.
Stain Remover: Rub soap bar directly on stain with a bit of water and scrub. Remarkable!
Shampoo: Wet hair. Rub bar directly into hair until sudsy. Wash and rinse as usual! Squeaky clean.