Be armed. Pack your arsenal in a small cooler:

Ice cubes
Emu Oil
Cotton swabs
Apple Cider Vinegar or Baking Soda
Black Tea
Essential oils: peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree

All legal. Not too costly. No Chemicals. Safe for children and pets. And no danger to you or the environment.

The goal is to master the mosquito attack.  ‘Be Prepared’ when you suspect the attack is imminent. ‘Be Prepared' for after, in case the enemy traverses the moat.  It is a challenge. I do not underestimate the dangers. The swelling, itching, scratching, bleeding, infections. The possibility of an illness. They LOVE me. I do not treat this situation lightly.

DEET may be one solution. But weigh the options

Deet may cause skin irritation, dizziness, disorientation, birth or developmental defects, maybe cancer, maybe not, but in extreme cases seizures or death. Deet has reigned as the BEST mosquito repellant for over 50 years, but as we know it is not without risks. It is greasy, has a distinctive odour, causes some rashes or allergies in certain people. It also melts plastic. An eyebrow raiser, for sure. If you google ‘Does Deet Kill Humans?” you will find the response is “Deet does not Kill mosquitoes. It repels them.” But that does not answer the question. 

New on the market. Picardin

The EPA has concluded that both Deet and Picardin do NOT prove a health risk.  There is no evidence as yet, because Picardin is new. Not oily. Not much of an odour. Does not melt plastic though. Few studies show that neither are effective in fending off black flies, ticks, sand fleas, no-see-ums-, midges and other biters. One may work better than the other, depending on the biter. 

We are inundated with insect repellants and are told we must use products containing 15% DEET to be safe. Off, Deet, Deep woods, all kinds of repellents advertise to keep you bite free.  They do repel.  And now, we can experiment with Picardin. It is scary spraying all of these chemicals into the air and onto our skin.  There are now body clips available so that you can carry the repellant around with you.  Who wants to be in a cloud of chemicals?

Picture happy campers gathered around a food laden picnic table. Suddenly sounds of slap, ouch, aghhhh fill the air. Mosquito melee. Someone jumps to the rescue and sprays Deet all around. A few coughs and sighs and the meal resumes. Later. Some people experience stomach upset. One vomits. Was it something they ate? Does anyone question the Deet? Let’s hope the table cloth was not plastic.

Do Natural repellants work?

Most often very well. I am my own human guinea pig and so are many people I know that have been VERY successful with the natural. If I am attacked, I apply my neem. 

Back to the Arsenal

If bitten, slap on the ice cube. Leave it on for as long as you can (10 minutes is great).  The cold prevents the swelling.  
Black tea, especially, contains lots of tannins which are natural astringents, drawing out the poisons. These mega antioxidants help to calm the skin and reduce the incessant itching.
Emu oil is an amazing soother.
Organic apple cider vinegar or baking soda: Either one helps to restore the skin’s PH level. Both help rid of the itching.
Introduce the enemy to neem.