Toronto. 5 PM. Hopping into a taxi outside the Direct Energy Building.  Exiting a work day at One of a Kind Craft Show. 

“Neem? You know about neem?  My turbaned cab driver beamed. “We have neem trees in our back yard in India.”  Our banter proceeded to fill the cab with animated stories about this miraculous tree. He was so pleased to learn we incorporated the neem oil and powder into many of our skin care products. 

Then he mentioned tulsi. “Tulsi? You do not know tulsi?” I did not know tulsi.  “You should know tulsi.” I grabbed my I phone and began taking notes. 
“Tulsi. Everybody in India cleans with tulsi. Very, very good.”  His enthusiasm was infectious! 

Tulsi, aka Holy Basil was added to my TO DO list .Two years later it emerged as a key ingredient in our Charcoal Clay soap, my nickname of ‘earth‘soap.

Through research I learned that tulsi detoxifies, soothes inflammation, cleanses, purifies. This plant is loaded with antioxidants for rejuvenation. I wanted to make a soap with this amazing discovery and it made sense to blend it with charcoal and clay, also renowned detoxifiers.  Adding some castor oil and organic coconut and voila: our Charcoal Clay Soap was born.  

We have all witnessed animals rolling in the mud or bathing in clay and muddy waters to detoxify, cleanse, protect. Elephants do it, not only for fun, but to keep cool, soothe the insect bites and help protect their skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Humans too have benefitted from such a cleansing. If a mud/clay spa bath is not doable, then transporting some of the earth’s minerals into your shower or bath by cleansing with our ‘tulsi’ laden charcoal clay soap makes perfect sense.  This charcoal clay soap is versatile, not only as an all over body soap, but also as a shampoo. Not surprising, since tulsi is renowned for the hair and the scalp. 

The clay in this soap is specially selected too. Glacial Bay Marine Clay from BC, full of minerals which help to rid the skin of toxins and to tone the skin. We are proud that the clay is Canadian.

Our soap is black from the activated charcoal in the recipe. I love the sensual earthiness of the blackness. Charcoal absorbs toxins, poisons, bacteria and dirt from the skin. It helps fight acne and can make the complexion flawless. 

Our soap smells of the earth. Many thanks to my Indian cab driver for sharing some of India’s wealth in skin care knowledge.