Wanting toxin free skin care is not a fad. While it may be the buzz, it’s not flying away anytime soon. We deserve to have clean products. 

But what does ‘clean’ mean? Toxin free?  All natural? No nasties? Free-from? ‘Chemical’-free? ‘All good. No bad?’

It may depend whom you ask

Some do not think there is a problem.. Some experts defend the mainstream industry saying that all ingredients are tested and approved safe. We hear and read various versions from CEO’s, media reps, skin specialists.

“SLS, which might or might not be an irritant, is in everything from creams to lotions, toothpaste, shampoos. Some people are overly sensitive. It happens. “

“There is really no research saying that parabens are linked to a serious illness.”

“Everything penetrates the skin. That’s not the question. it is It all depends on how much and how quickly. If an ingredient is questioned, there is seriously so little of it in the product, people need not be so concerned.

“Yes, we have removed the parabens and SLS, but only because of the demand.” 

Skin care is a huge and very successful industry. The promises to defy age, minimize pores, plump the skin, have eternal youth. brighten, hydrate, exude radiance.  All seem desirable entities. 

"Don’t rock the boat", they say.  "Making changes cost money. If the FDA or Health Canada has already established that the ingredient is deemed, safe, then it is.“

But our consumer heads are not buried in the sand. We are aimed for ‘perfect knowledge’ through our fast-evolving media.  We just need to know how to plow through it all. And what to believe.

The term ‘chemical free’ is in itself a conundrum since everything out there can be considered a chemical. Chemists are continually rolling their eyes, and rightly so, at the extensive usage of the word ‘chemical’.  Chemical synonyms like ‘elements, compounds, naturals, organics are the good. Chemical synonyms like toxic are the bad.

On our website, when Earth to Body uses the term ‘chemical’ we are not referring to the scientific term of all 'chemical matter'. We refer to it as ‘a toxin considered unnatural or dangerous when used or consumed’.  We know the terms natural and organic are tossed about like ‘feathers’ at a wedding, but we do not have any other words. 

Our passion is to provide an alternative to mainstream skin care by offering healthy, nutritious, clean and effective products for all consumers. Superfood for the skin. Our testimonials reflect our quality, integrity and customer satisfaction.  

And that is what the buzz is all about.