Every day we feed our skin. Creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps, body washes, gels, makeup. Most people follow the trends, shop at the cosmetic counters and pharmacies. Many and perhaps most purchases, I would classify as ‘fast skin care’. Like fast food, lacking in quality and nutrition, but hard to resist.  Products full of hidden toxins that smell and feel good.  

Then there is the fairly new term ‘slow food’. Derived in 1989, the ‘slow food movement’ is one that provides ‘good food prepared and cooked carefully’.  If we corelate the two terms, Slow Food and Slow Skin Care, feeding the body ‘slow food’ means better nutrition. Feeding the body ‘slow skin care’ means better skin care. The premise is based on fewer chemicals, knowing the source, supporting local farmers and the economy, respecting local customs and listening to the past.

If you feed your skin what we might call ‘slow skin care’ you are providing the skin with healthy gourmet meals. It is exactly what we, Earth to Body, and some others, are attempting in skin care. 

We may not always be able to buy locally, but we source our world-wide co-ops and select ingredients from sustainable farming sources, we choose pure oils and butters, unrefined, no additives. Like slow food, it is meticuously made by hand, using organic and naturally pure ingredients. 

Ingredients found in ‘fast’ skin care will be ingredients that extend the shelf life, improve the colour, the texture, the consistency, the smell, the feel.  But that can be risky. The additive does not necessarily mean it is good for the skin.

As manufacturers and sellers of skin care we receive many requests for ingredient purchase from manufacturers. Like the following that came in recently.

Attn Purchaser,

Please find below Additives used in cosmetic industry we can offer at special price

Imidazolidinyl Urea
Methyl Paraben 
Isopropyl alcohol
Propylene glycol
Sodium lauryl sulphate
potassium sorbate
sorbic acid
tocopherol (vitamin E)
retinyl (vitamin A)
ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
DMDM hydantoin

The only 2 items on that entire list that are familiar to us in our skin care are Vitamin E and Vitamin C…and we source cautiously.

Because ‘slow skin care’ does not use ingredients like in the above listing, our products do have a shelf life.  They may vary at times in colour and texture as they are nature’s gift.  But the nutrition remains consistent. The results tell the story. 

I like the term ’slow skin care’. It means the product was made with the health of the entire body and soul in mind. ‘Slow Skin Care’ is Earth to Body.