I suppose there are many ways to cool down in summer.

Drink a tall glass of cold water. Run through a sprinkler like you’re 10 again!

Well, I LOVE to spray mu skin with Earth to Body Facial Toner.  The ingredients say it all, rosewater, orange flower, Vitamin C for nutrition and hydration.  The smell alone is refreshing , but once you try it, you’ll always want it.  I keep mine in a cool place, so after I apply my oils to my face, I just absolutely love to spray the Toner.  Locks everything in and keeps me fresh and clean.  It’s like running through a beautiful garden of flowers that cools you down and leaves you smelling like a bouquet. Refreshing, hydrating and comforting that all the ingredients are safe and natural.

Some people leave their toner in the fridge and during a hot summer day you just give yourself a spray and you feel great.  Our facial toner has been a staple in our company since day one. Once you try it, you can’t live without it.

Come on by our boutique to give this amazing product a try.  Or shop online. You will read what we don’t put in our toner and just want to keep spraying.

Have a great summer. Get toned.