The white coated doctor, Bic in hand,  sits across her desk from the patient who is losing his hair.
“My hair is falling out?” he laments.  
“Could be lots of reasons. Try Rogaine. Or if you prefer, I can write you a prescription for Finasteride. Then you can check back with me in a month?”

In a perfect world, the doctor would have inquired about his diet, environment, cleansing habits and hair routine, his medical and family history.  Further investigation might include a blood test, in undercovering an underlying medical condition. The doctor may even suggest a scalp biopsy to see if an infection is the cause.  She may do a pull test of several hairs to identify the stage of the shedding, being a natural occurrence. She might  go further and put some hair shafts under a microscope to see if there is a disorder.  

She wishes she could do all of this. But she does not have time. She is rushed and has a schedule to meet, a certain number of patients she must see, an almost 50 hour work week to complete. Such is the way here in Quebec.

She does not have the time to delve into the perhaps whys and causes of her patient’s hair loss.  Blame the system. 

But what if the doctor had asked him a simple question.  It might go like this.

“Does the shampoo you are currently using contain SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate?   
“I use Head and Shoulders.”
He shrugged.
“Try switching to a less toxic shampoo, free of SLS.  It is one of the greatest causes of hair loss in North America. If you have dandruff issues, it could be the shampoo causing that too. The best is a real shampoo bar, or a castile liquid soap with no lather.  Rinse with apple cider vinegar.  Try that for a month. Then come back and see me.”

95% of commercial shampoos on the market contain SLS, the harsh detergent that is responsible for the great suds and foaming bubbles people love. This potent degreaser can remain on your hair and scalp, especially if you are a fast and less than thorough rinser. The SLS especially loves to attack a newly shed hair follicle. And since we can lose up to 100 hairs a day, that leaves 100’s of vulnerable follicles for the SLS to do its deadly deed. Once the follicle is dead, the hair will not grow back. SLS cleans garage floors. What is it doing in our shampoos? 

IF the hair loss is caused by SLS, then the solution is to change shampoos.  But be careful.  It can hide under different names.  Why not use something that you and your hair will love and is SLS free.  We have a choice of 3 natural shampoo soap bars.  Environmentally friendly too.  An added bonus: Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.  Can a hair loss solution be so simple…?