He entered the shop, looked around and shrugged.  
“My scalp needs help.”  he sighed.  ‘Got anything for psoriasis?”

“Possibly.” I smiled. “People do love our clean and pure skin care. We do not sell anything claiming psoriasis however. May I ask what you have you tried and did you ever find anything that helped?”

“I’m Mike by the way.” He grinned. “I heard from a friend who uses your shampoo bars, that you handmake all of your own products. Impressive. And no, not much that I have bought seems to help.”  

He then explained his sufferings, what he had tried and the outcomes. He did visit a naturopath and to date, had noticed some improvement after diet changes.  
“It is good that you are looking at diet, Mike.” I encouraged.  “Stress, environment all matter. But an important factor can be ‘what you stop using’.  What you toss. Your absolute favourite product that you love, may be a culprit. 

I explained that certain skin conditions can be soothed in the absence of these certain chemicals found in the creams, lotions, salves on the commercial market.  The importance of reading and understanding the labels is paramount. But not always that easy.

“Are you willing to stop using your current routine and try a different approach?  Like our cold processed ESP soap, apple cider vinegar rinse, salt bath, a pure butter, oil or cream. You should see a difference almost right away.  As long as you do not confuse your skin by continuing to use products that may be questionable? Makes sense?”

Mike agreed to try.  He made his choices and left happy to know that he may have gained some control. 

The following month, a smiling Mike did return to replenish.