If you phonetically digested this title correctly, you read ‘jojoba’, the oil we so love in skin care.

The sturdy desert ‘jojoba’ shrub lives 100-200 years! Found in Arizona, down through Baja, California, into northwestern Mexico. jojoba oil (it is actually a liquid wax pressed from the seed, but we generally call it an oil), is a fairly recent find in the skincare discovery.

For us, that is.

The O’odham Native American tribe knew all about its miraculous properties.  They would heat the jojoba seeds to soften them and using a mortar and pestle create a buttery soft substance or a salve. This salve was used to soften and preserve animal hides.  But this miraculous concoction went further. It also healed burns, wounds, rashes. It conditioned the hair and the skin. A valuable staple for sure.

Back in the 1970’s, activists pushed to abandon sperm whale killing for its blubber. Having many uses as a lubricant, the blubber was also very popular in anti-aging skin care. Jojoba oil is a nearly identical replacement. The activists and the sperm whales could not have been more pleased.

For us at Earth to Body, it was a no brainer to add jojoba to our beloved creams and lotion. Since this versatile oil is a must in hair care, we add it to our 3 different shampoo soap bars.  

We offer a sincere thank you to the O’odham tribe for sharing their jojoba knowledge. We pass this onto you. If you wish to buy the pure, try a health food store. You might want to check that it is pure, and not mixed with say, canola oil, which seems to be appearing too often lately.

Huh-how-buh! Make this precious oil an important part of your routine.