In 1918, Proctor and Gamble introduced the first liquid Ivory soap to the market. 

The above ad reads…

Ivory Soap cleans the hair and scalp thoroughly. Its copious lasting lather absorbs the dirt,
 and then rinses out easily and completely.

Containing no uncombined alkali, it does not burn the hair or make it brittle,
and it does not destroy the scalp’s natural secretions.
The hair dries soft, silky, fluffy, the Ivory Shampoo putting it in the condition
which makes for continued health and beauty.

99.44 % pure


Imagine the excitement. A new way to shampoo. Liquid in a bottle. No more slippery soaps and soap dishes. 

Note the claim of 99.44 % natural

The ingredients were not listed in the ad but this is what I found.

Ingredients: Sodium Tallowate And/Or Sodium Palmate, Water, Sodium Cocoate And/Or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Coconut Acid*, Palm Kernel Acid*, Tallow Acid*, Palm Acid*, Tetrasodium EDTA.

Hmmm…maybe not so pure. 

Over 100 years ago, perhaps the concerns on something like Tetrasodium EDTA, for example, were not known, or at least not revealed.  

But today we know ...

that ‘Known carcinogens are used to make tetrasodium EDTA—formaldehyde and sodium cyanide. Studies have shown the compound can make the skin's protective barrier more fragile. This could cause other harmful chemicals to absorb into the skin and even other bodily systems.’ (Advanced Dermatology)

We also know Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system. (EWG Skin deep)

And we are not sure which sodium was used in this 'First Soap in a Bottle'.

I keep hoping one day to see a label on a shampoo that tells it like it is.  For example: 

Warning: Beware of the chemicals in our cleanser that may cause serious side effects like hair loss, scalp burns, dryness, rashes, irritation to eyes, nose, throat, blisters, hormone disruption. ​

But this not how the game is played. Back then or now.


Be safe. Love your skin. Use pure natural homemade shampoo and soap bars

You will love the lather. You will be happy that the soap is eco-friendly and that you are not contributing to today’s plastic overload. You have an all-in-one soap. You will need to close your eyes. You may even find yourself singing. 

Afterwards, you will need a soap dish. Life is so simple.