Mama faces an eczema dilemma. Her tiny daughter, with long bouncy hair and an infectious grin just celebrated her 5th birthday. Her name is Hailey. Sadly, she suffers. Hailey’s bum is covered in eczema.

Hailey’s mama is beyond frustrated. Hailey had a reaction to the recommended steroid cream, so that was quickly removed from the menu. She is doing everything right, according to the experts consulted.  

Gentle baby shampoo, Vaseline Cocoa Butter Healing Jelly, Cerave baby cream.  

In desperation, her mama even tried the bleach bath treatment recommended by her dermatologist. She was also told that changing laundry detergents might help. Diet was mentioned in passing but not dwelt upon in detail. 


Comments on the recommendations:

Gentle Baby Shampoo: Many so called gentle baby shampoos are hardly gentle. A more honest label might read ‘Harsh Baby Shampoo’.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Healing Jelly: While the cocoa butter in the so -called healing jelly may be good, the Vaseline base, being petroleum, is hardly healthy and can be toxic.

Cerave: This recommended cream contains so many difficult to understand ingredients that one needs a chemist to decipher what may be ‘not too bad’ and what may be toxic to some.  Ask Hailey.

Bleach Bath: I can’t even imaging taking a bleach bath. While some may feel some temporary relief from the eczema symptons, Hailey reacted to the fumes in her bleach bath and her rash became worse. 

Laundry: Hailey’s mama switched her Tide detergent to Dawn (the same same) and since she knew little about fabrics, did not consider clothing as a possible culprit. No one had even mentioned that the fabric itself, the fiber, the dye, the chemicals  could be irritants.

Diet: Diet was mentioned but the medical experts agreed that this was not their area of expertise.Thus, the relevant connection between diet and eczema was not significantly highlighted. Hailey’s mom did not know how helpful a naturopath could be. 


Testimonial from Hailey’s mom

“We had tried everything, but little helped until we discovered Earth to Body...just natural, good ingredients.  Hailey’s eczema is much improved now. She often adds some organic apple cider vinegar to her bath. She likes cleaning (and playing) with the sudsy soap bar and looks forward to shampooing her hair. After her bath, she chooses one of your creams to moisturize.  No more stinging. No more irritations.The naturopath you suggested has helped us with her diet. We thank you for your clean products.”