32.00 CAD
20 ml


* 100% Pure, organic, sustainable
* Reduces appearance of age spots, blotches, fine lines
* Renowned testimonials on eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea etc
* Nutty aroma, luxurious feel
* Massages sore muscles and pain
* Non-greasy, non-clogging, rejuvenating, highly absorbing

How to Use:  If allergic to nuts, test on small area of skin first

* On Face: Can be applied directly or added to another oil (EmuArgan, Revitalizing Eye Oil). Make your own blend of 1-2 drops each
* On Body: Can be applied straight or mixed. Use dropper to apply to area needing the oil


* When you mix tamanu with another oil, it extends the tamanu, not only reducing the cost to you, but also adding the nutrition from the other oil(s).  However, pure tamanu oil can of course perform miracles on its own
* See our blog on Tireless Tamanu

Storage and travel:

* Pure tamanu oil is fine at room temperature 
* Travels well


Tamar, Nova Scotia

Love love love.
Great soaps and oils.
Love this company and their integrity.

Lesley, Manitoba

I recently purchased this product to see if would help a dry and irritated spot on my eyelid – tried it for this first time this morning: AMAZING! The dry, red, flaky spot has already improved. I can't wait to see what happens with continued use. Thank you!

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