Emu Oil is used for so many ailments. We do not advertize it as such, but our customers do. I could talk about Emu Oil  'till the cows come home', for all of its amazing healing properties. What it’s done for me alone is a book of blogs. I use it cosmetically, regularly and love it more than any other product I have ever used.  But check out this story...

It’s late afternoon, a hot day, almost uncomfortable. Dealing with a packed booth, loving my job as always. It is Windsor, Ontario at the Art In The Park.  Great show. Hundreds of vendors and the people of Windsor come, rain or shine.  Two days, non-stop shoppers. I love it.

In walks a man and wife. He’s about 40, good shape and arms wrapped in bandages. I could tell he was in pain. Forget the intense heat, shoulder to wrist bandages. The poor guy was walking with his arms outstretched, as if broken. I wanted to rip off the bondage.

“Are you ok? “ I offer him the stool. "What happened?"

“Motorcycle accident", he manages.

I gasp, "Oh my god, are you burned?”

“Burned is an understatement. I’m torched. Both arms. Some on my legs, but my arms got the majority of it.”

Teary-eyed but without hesitation, I reply, “If you don’t put emu oil on that right now it will be the worst mistake you ever make! I mean it. Our testimonials tell us that nothing in the world will give you relief like emu oil and not only will you heal fast but you also won’t scar."
I look to his wife, “You have to put this on him today! I’m not letting you leave without it. Please believe me and please lather him in this ASAP!!!"

I further reassure them that although we do not claim any cures on the labels, we are permitted to share customer testimonials. Emu oil has the highest Vitamin E of any plant or animal, along with the high concentration of omegas and deep penetration. Health companies and doctors who know emu oil, recommend it for burns. I also stressed that ours was ‘unrefined’ and was so much richer than the refined version.

Understandably, he did not wish to undress his burns at the show. It was my continuing, demanding sureness that this was the key to his relief.
They buy a small bottle.

I beam,  "You’ll buy a big one in a few days and will continue to for the rest of your life. You will become a believer of emu oil and you might just become as annoying as I am. Ordering online is easy."  I add, “Call me with your feedback, for I have to know what happens. Please. Promise?”  He shrugs,  "If this works, I’ll be calling you for sure.”

No call. No e-mail. Nothing. Nil. Why don’t people do what they say they will do? It’s not like I forget these people! I think about them all the time.  
Especially this poor man.  He was really badly burned and I had to know what happened.

Next year. Windsor. In my booth. Busy.
In struts ‘My Motorcycle Man’. I knew him immediately. “Why didn’t you call me? Show me your arms!”

“I’m so sorry. I’m a guy. Look though. No scars. I came to show you. I bought a large bottle of the oil within a week of meeting you. The burns were soothed within days and healed in weeks and I’m a true believer in emu oil and can’t say enough about my miraculous story. I tell everyone. I came here today to show you what it looks like.”

He presents his arms as a glorious gift. “It’s as if I was never even burned. I also need another large size. I just love it on my skin. Thank you for making me buy one last year and thank you for having such an outstanding product."

I gave him ‘the look’, and smiled, "You’re lucky you’re a man. I’m so happy that you came back to tell me. I was waiting a whole year for you and your story. I can sleep now.”


By Heidi Shannon

(Heidi is part of our family business and sells products at craft shows across the country.)

General Disclaimer Information relating to health conditions, products, and treatments, is for informational purposes only. Products make no medical claims and are not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professionals, including information contained on product packaging or labels. We recommend a patch test to make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients. Avoid direct contact with eyes


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