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Time and time again, I hear ‘success’ testimonials from my customers. This next story is particularly heartfelt. Once again, ‘One of a Kind Christmas Show’. Toronto. My favorite show of the year. Non-stop!

A young man walks in, a good looking guy, but seeming quite distraught. He selects one of the literature explanations we offer. I walk over to say hi. With no dilly-dallying, he asks, “Can you help me?”. He holds up his palms. His hands are covered in warts. Not just one or two, I’m saying 30 at least.

I gasp, “My goodness! You poor thing.”

He sighs, “I’m an artist. I can’t work. I can’t paint. I can’t hold my brush. The Pain. I can’t function. It’s gross. People think I’m disgusting. I’m desperate and nobody can help me. I’ve tried everything for 2 years with no results.”

I smile encouragingly, “Well, I can try. We do sell good skin care. I make no claims for warts, but sometimes a healthy product can perform miracles. Come.”

He looks at me in disbelief, as I lead him over to our Neem salve. I explain neem to him, where it’s from, how it can work. Testimonials show nothing works on warts like neem. 

I share my own experience. “I used it years ago on a cluster of warts on my foot. They never came back. The neem apparently pulls the roots right out. Do your own research on neem and you will see what people say.

He buys a container. I advise patience and to be consistent. I wish him success, hope that his life will change and he will be able to go back to his painter’s oasis and not have to be so ashamed anymore. He departs, eager to get started.

The next year came, same show.

In walks this nice looking guy. He is over by the Neem products holding two of them. I ask  “Are you familiar with neem?’ He beams,  “If it wasn’t for this product, I wouldn’t be able to work.”  He holds up his hands and a memory triggers. 

“Oh my, I remember now. Both hands. Covered in warts. “

He smiles, displaying hands, beautiful, clean and clear.  “Remember, I could not make a living as an artist. Nor could I be in a relationship. The neem took a few weeks. The warts all disappeared and never returned. I would never have been the same if I hadn’t met you and tried this product. I’m an Earth To Body customer for life. Thank you for changing my life entirely. Thank you from the  bottom of my heart.”

By Heidi Shannon (Heidi is part of our Earth to Body family business)

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